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The crimes of the National Socialists are so great (with the crimes of the Communist Socialists yet to be considered and dealt with in the same way) that any commemoration including SS soldiers is revolting.

H/T: BadNewsFromTheNetherlandsBlog:

Dutch Town Wants to Remember Nazi Soldiers on National Memorial Day

The town of Vorden intends to remember on National Memorial Day for the Fallen in the Second World War on May 4 also the Nazi soldiers who are buried in the town. In the town are the graves of 10 Nazi soldiers. The choir of the town will sing German songs at the memorial. The initiators of this say that there is much support for this in the town.

Esther Voet, the Deputy Director of the Center for Information and Documentation on Israel (CIDI) said that in the Netherlands, there is a trend of effacing the border between victim and perpetrator in the Second World War. In its framework on National Memorial Day, also Nazi soldiers and traitors will be remembered.

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NOTE: Also worth viewing is Alan Charles Kors dissertation on Communism being held to the very same standards as National Socialism has been by world historians and politicians. The criminality of both International and National Socialism need to be exposed on every level, and all the symbols of both relegated to the ash heap.

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  1. please refrain from equalizing the Nazi crimes against humanity, especially the Holocaust against the Jews and Roma with communist crimes.

    Am Yisroel Chai !!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Sorry Jerry, but the communists’ crimes far surpasses that of the Nazis during WWII, its called demicide, state murder, and the communists have virtually gotten away with it. The Nazi regimes have been thoroughly exposed for what they were, genocidal machines, it’s high time that the Communists be roundly condemned for their crimes as well. I want to see a day where both the swastika and the hammer and sickle are equated as being morally reprehensible as the other, and anyone flying such symbols relegated to the extreme outer fringes of society, sadly, communist flags are part and parcel of any anti-West demonstration and no one takes them to task for it.

  2. Oh, but that is not all. Every year a high school student will recite a poem. This year a committee decided that is was an ‘excellent’ idea to let a student recite a poem about an uncle who was a member of the Waffen-SS. His parents actually named him after the uncle. The student and several others claimed that they wanted to recite the poem because the uncle should not ‘be forgotten’.

    Of course we should not forget his uncle. We should not forget what kind of traitor his uncle was. What kind of crimes he committed. What people fail to remember is what kind of group the Waffen-SS was. They were extremely vicious. I saw a documentary once were a group of those SS-ers would force a mother to sit down with her child in front of her (she had to hold him or her) and they would should the kid in front of her eyes. Let’s not forget that. And let’s not mourn Nazi’s and other scum of the earth the same day that we mourn their victims. In fact, let’s not mourn Nazi’s at all. Apparently this is a very difficult thing to understand for some members in our Dutch society. Just yesterday there was a story about a someone who had joined the Waffen-SS and ‘felt very supported by the poem’. Likewise he also ‘felt very supported by Günther Grass’. I would urge the Dutch-speakers to watch the documentary ‘Zwarte Soldaten’. Anyone with a right mind would never want to recite poems for these creatures.

  3. SS were total nazi scum, but from what I see on the photo, these were not SS soldiers.
    You can see typical Wehrmacht ranks (unteroffizier, leutnant, two obergefreiters, two gefreiters), while on the right the ranks are all from the Luftwaffe (two flieger feldwebels, flieger obergefreiter and flieger unteroffizier).

    I’m israeli and certainly have no sympathy towards nazism, but let’s not overreact.
    These fallen germans were most likely just slaves of the regime, not doctrinaire nazi activists.

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