The Taliban are strange lot indeed.

Meet the Taliban transvestites: Rebels are captured dressed in drag

  • ‘Guardian angels’ are troops who watch over comrades even as they sleep
  • The lengths Taliban are prepared to go to to gain access to coalition forces shown as two militants dressed in women’s clothing are arrested


UPDATED: 00:20 GMT, 30 March 2012

U.S. military commanders in Afghanistan have assigned ‘guardian angels’ – troops who watch over their comrades even as they sleep – as part of a series of increased security measures to protect troops against possible rogue attacks.

The added protections are part of a directive issued in recent weeks by Marine General John Allen, the top U.S. commander in Afghanistan, to guard against insider threats.

And they come in the wake of a spike in attacks on U.S. and coalition forces by Afghans, including the point-blank shooting deaths of two U.S. advisers in Afghanistan’s Ministry of Interior.

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  1. We already knew that Muslims usually try their hardest to come across as perpetually victimized cry-babies. And now they have to openly demonstrate that, deep down, they are none other than effeminate cross-dressers.

    In other words: ALL BIG GIRL’S BLOUSES !


  2. The one with the beard has not yet had a clitorectomy.

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