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First published at the Gates of Vienna.

In defence of Fjordman and Hans Rustad

by The Observer

In the aftermath of the Oslo attacks on July 22, 2011, there has been a concerted effort to silence individuals who are opposed to the new multicultural Norwegian society. Vile accusations and libellous epithets have been allowed to dominate the media headlines in the months following the attacks. The instigators behind this formidable intimidation campaign are members of the extreme left who are unscrupulously capitalizing on a terrorist attack which cost 77 lives.

These individuals have absolutely no qualms about exploiting such an event as long as it benefits their cause, which is to quash anyone voicing their displeasure of the new multicultural society in Norway, by any means necessary. Their preferred method is to publicly crush those who dare question them in their quest to deconstruct Norwegian society and replace it with a hardcore multicultural socialist dystopia, so that others with similar views remain silent out of fear of receiving the same harsh treatment.

In one of the lowest exhibits of human behaviour ever to be witnessed in Norway, members of the extreme left have taken an active role in accusing conservative political commentators such as Fjordman and Hans Rustad of having influenced (brainwashed) Anders Behring Breivik into committing one of the worst atrocities in Norwegian history. The accusations are insidious because they are by nature very hard to verify or to reject, and they are equally hard to defend against as they are based on emotional dishonesty rather than logical reasoning.

The sole argument made by these left-wing extremists is that Fjordman and Mr. Rustad through their legitimate critique of Norwegian authorities’ attitudes towards immigration and willingness to appease the Muslim community have created Breivik the terrorist. One is left with the impression that it’s a punishable offence these days in Norway to tell the truth, at least if you’re a conservative political commentator.

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