Iran obamablunders



The disaster that is the Obama administration continues.

From GateWayPundit via Sheik Yer’Mami (pbuh) : Despite repeated warnings from the Pentagon, Barack Obama rejected three plans to recover or destroy the US drone that was intercepted over Iranian territory. Con Underground was the first to report on this latest national security disaster.

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  1. Few people are more hostile to the USA than Obama. This is unbelievable

  2. Its soon christmas so its a lill gift from Obama Abed to iran.

  3. It looks in perfect shape. If it was flying over Iranian territory, how did the Iranians get it down without damaging it? Could it actually be a gift? Just wondering ….

    1. It has a built in mechanism that allows it to glide in undamaged,…a not so bright decision in retrospect.

  4. Obama is the wrong target people. Photoshopping Obama with the Iranian fundamentalist distracts from the real threat. It’s childish. It’s the global corporate oligarchy and their agenda for a new world order you better start worrying about. Obama, and the rest of the politico from the Left and the Right, are puppets of the global power elite. Yes, Islam is a huge problem, but your bigger problem lies in the coming oligarchical take-over of the Euro Zone by the global power elite, the banksters who stand to gain more money and power with the austerity programs and keeping the people in debt. The take-over by the technocrats and the bosses in Brussels, as the examples of Greece and Italy verify that loss of sovereignty is in the cards for all of us. The troika that comprises the EU power structure is hardly concerned about radical Islam since they will work it to their advantage.

    posted twice – comment didn’t show up

    1. Apparently not. they needed a sign off to destroy it and Zero refused.

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