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He tried to push his genitals into a woman’s mouth, got pepper spray by police in return. KGS


Naked man in ‘pot-fuelled’ train sex attack

Published: 23 Nov 11 14:33 CET |

A 30-year-old man from western Sweden has been detained after he stripped down naked and started asking people to have sex with him before attacking a female passenger and a conductor on a train traveling in central Sweden. 

The incident occurred last Saturday on a train travelling from Gothenburg to Örebro in central Sweden, the Göteborgs-Posten (GP) newspaper reported.

According to police, the man smoked marijuana somewhere between Herrljunga and Skövde, after which he began behaving erratically.

“He got high during the trip, he threatened and assaulted a conductor and he assaulted a woman,” police spokesperson Lars Johansson told the paper.

After the initial assault, the man then took off all his clothes and began roaming through the train asking people if they wanted to have sex with him.

“He asked if we wanted to have sex, but I politely declined,” one passenger told the Aftonbladet newspaper.

Eventually, the man tried to force a woman to perform oral sex on him.

According to Johansson, the man also threatened to kill everyone who left the train.

When the train stopped in Skövde, most of the passengers nevertheless evacuated. When police arrived they found the 30-year-old alone on the train talking to a woman he had trapped in the corner.

When police attempted to apprehend the men, he resisted, forcing them to use pepper spray.

On Tuesday, he was ordered held on remand by the Skaraborg District Court on suspicion of assault, attempted rape, and threatening behaviour.

The 30-year-old has submitted a blood test to confirm whether or not he was under the influence of drugs at the time of the incident.

“But it’s quite likely he was under the influence of something. This sort of behaviour isn’t normal,” a prosecutor told local news website Skö

Police have interviewed several witnesses in the case and prosecutors are expected to file charges no later than December 6th, according to GP.

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  1. So a lunatic strips naked on a Swedish train and starts to walk around harrassing the female passengers. What were the male passengers doing all this time?

    Oh yes, I forgot, they were Swedish men. They held tightly onto each other, crying and shaking in fear until the train came to a station where they all jumped off as fast as they could and ran to their therapists.

  2. It’s rather hard to defend the male passengers action in this – but then again, I wasn’t there so I’m going to try to give my countrymen the benefit of the doubt and believe that he used the two rottweilers he had with him against anyone trying to interfere. I could perhaps also give this man the benefit of the doubt and say that this man probably wasn’t a muslim on account that dogs are haram for muslims. I suspect that unfortunately that neither are quite correct. The male passengers should have acted and if someone shouts “I’m a Somalie warrior!”, they’re almost certainly muslim.

    The “I’m a Somalie warrior” quote comes from the newspaper you’ve quoted here btw. It was in the online edition for a little bit before Göteborgs-Postens Political commissar from the Ministry of Truth found out and edited out “Somalie” from the article.

  3. This really speaks volumes about Swedish society. The train emptied all of it’s passengers except the Somalia and a woman trapped by him. Surely, there is nothing more to add

  4. Fact remains, we don’t have much to expect from Sweden’s menfolk if militant PC feminists can go experimenting with dressing male toddlers up as girls and vice versa in order to prove that gender is a “social construct” rather than a biological given with an inherently evolutionary rationale behind it: procreation and sustaining the species in order to survive in a potentially inhospitable biotope.

    The mere fact that such lunacy can go unquestioned by men in Sweden says exactly how effeminate Swedish men have become. And that’s basically enough proof of how far state imposed indoctrination can go !

    1. You’re right Anushirvan, the men in Sweden have been the targets of female ‘clipping’ for decades and its taken its toll, to the extent that its military can’t even defend the state anymore. Their manhood has been been neutered. Thanks to the femi-nazis.

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