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Bang a drum loudly. BBC humping the meme that ‘radical Islam’ is due to poverty and corruption

Posted on November 25, 2011 by Eeyore

Last night the BBC aired a fairly good documentary on Dagestan and the Saudi-funded and inspired Salafi (Orthodox) Islamic insurgence that seeks to overthrow the secular state and install a sharia based, Islamic caliphate.

What makes this otherwise-important short documentary so annoying is the persistent insertion of the meme that this form of religiosity is tied to poverty or economics when even this documentary admits that the inspiration is from Saudi Arabia, Among the wealthiest per-capita nations on earth, and that every study on terrorists have shown them to be at least middle class and usually with average to better than average educations.

What inspires Muslims to fight, kill, terrorize and demand an Islamic state is simple actually.


Thank you very much UK Pete for taking the time and effort to get this clip for us. I have been looking forward to it for a couple of days.


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  1. What effing morons. Is that why almost all of the bombers in U.K. of plots carried out or arrested before being carried out where people with good careers? They had damn doctors among them! Poverty MY ASS.

  2. Also take note: the Dutch football player of Moroccan origin, Mbark Boussoufa got transferred from Anderlecht to Anzji Machatsjkala, which raised quite a few eyebrows in the Belgian sports media, turning quite concerned for his safety.

    Dagestan’s reputation leaves a lot to be desired for, apparently…

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