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But this is a woman who goes by the name of Whoopi.

From Newsbusters: SHERRI SHEPHERD: What would you say, one word, what word would you associate if you had Michele Bachmann?

BEHAR: oops.

SHEPHERD: I want to heart it, Barbara. One word?

BARBARA WALTERS: I don’t think I will say.


SHEPHERD: Bonehead?

GOLDBERG: Bonehead. That’s what I would say. (TURNS TO THE AUDIENCE) Oh, stop, no. Listen, I’m sorry. She looks fantastic, I have to say. She’s gorgeous. But she’s not presidential material. I’m sorry, she’s not. I’m just saying.

Michele Bachmann fillets her logic rather easily and with both arms tied behind her back.

calling her a “bonehead” on Tuesday’s The View:

BACHMANN: I think this is the same pattern of what we saw happen on NBC. I’m a self-made person. I came from below poverty. I worked my way through college, through law school, through a post-doctorate program in federal tax law. I worked for years as a federal tax court attorney. I created my own business. It’s a profitable company, and I employ scores of people. I have raised 23 foster children in addition to my own biological five children. And I’ve started together with my husband and some other parents the first K-12 charter school in the United States of America. I served in the Minnesota state senate. I served as a member of the United States Congress, and now I’m running for the presidency of the United States.

I think those comments that came from Whoopi Goldberg are demeaning to a serious candidate running for the presidency on the Republican ticket, as a woman, the first serious female candidate who’s gotten this far. And I’m the only candidate that’s won an election in this presidential race statewide which is the Iowa Straw Poll. So I think again this is another example of the Hollywood elite bias coming from Whoopi Goldberg. I think it’s clearly unacceptable. Again, I think if she would have said that about Michele Obama, I think there would be very serious consequences from the network. But apparently, because of the conservative woman, they can get away with it.

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