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This Duke would agree.

Green technology the way its being run and forced down the throats of the average taxpayer, is an outrage. It only benefits those who are connected to the business angle of the scheme while it rapes the taxpayers that hands out subsidies to these businesses. Welfare for the wealthy, or in other words, state cronyism/crony capitalism. KGS

“He said they were absolutely useless, completely reliant on subsidies and an absolute disgrace”, […] Two-thirds of the country’s wind turbines are owned by foreign companies, which are estimated to reap £500 million a year in subsidies.

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  1. I became aware of these wind farms 25 years ago.

    With my late husband we formed the local group about 15 years ago to fight the Barningham High Moor proposal. The full story can be downloaded at http:/,’The Summary of the Long Fight to save Barningham High Moor’. I invited CPRE to join us and I joined them, short as they were of manpower and thinking it was well sited, I was able to convince them otherwise.
    Now their Branch Chair in Co Durham I was not able to convince National Office of the importance of Barningham, 17 of the 25 proposed turbines were to be owned by a Swedish ‘farmer’ Under a Beddoe order I was able to pursue it to High Court.
    All that is being said now was mentioned then but it is the Duke who is able to draw attention to the facts. Congratulations for what he has done in the shape of the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.My hausband and I were instructors in the Outdoor element of the scheme. Now in the North East many of the skills are lost such as using map and compass as one can simplytravel form turbine to turbine!!!
    My self published book,FORCE 10 can be download from

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