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Yes, you read that right.

Next they’ll be demanding that all clocks be changed to Brussel’s time. This is the problem with a governmental system run by a bunch of (ex?) Communists/Nazis. Anyone who thumps their chest in pride over the EU has got to be an ignoramus, and must be by default, a supporter of statism, tyranny by tens of thousands of directives. KGS

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  1. The very same reasons could be used to get rid of the warning labels on the tobacco products. You do not need to smoke to get lung cancer et al.

  2. I wouldn’t mind seeing the commissars try that out in practice – i.e. withhold their water supply for a week and see if they die of de-hydration. If they all kick the bucket I promise to apologise profusely.

  3. This is worth reading

    The logical problem, however, is that, for a health claim to be made in respect of a food, the legislation allows only that such claims can be couched in terms of reducing “risk factors”. It must significantly reduce a risk factor in the development of a human disease. That is what the law says.

    In this context, a soothing infusion of herbal tea, which went toward reducing stress, could support claims of reducing hypertension, the former being a “risk factor” in respect of the latter.

    When it comes to dehydration, though, the claim is made that drinking water actually reduces this condition. But, dehydration is a measure of the disease, not a risk factor leading to it. And, as any good Jesuit will tell you, one could not possibly allow the effect – actual disease reduction – to be characterised as a reduction in the risk of acquiring that disease. St Ignatius would turn in his grave at such a proposition.

    Thus, despite the ignorant posturing of the British media, the refinements of the Continental mind have prevailed, and we are saved from the fate of having sellers of over-priced water committing egregious offences against logic.

  4. How dare anyone question the wisdom of the EU, The Throne in Brussels, the seat of the dictate. Questioning ‘Big Brother’ in Brussels can have catastrophic results and can bring down harsh punishment for all. IMHO these elitist buffoons are truly ‘fiddling’ as Rome ‘burns’.

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