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Folks, there is no doubt whatsoever that Islam is anti-liberal, anti-modern, anti-human rights. Why Westerners who live in the lap of luxury and modernity that’s enshrined human rights ,would promote and support these backwater morons is an outrage. KGS

…that women are deficient in intelligence and religion, and it is not permissible for them to be in authority or to occupy the office of the presidency.

Defending her candidacy for the People’s Council, Ms. Salah claims,

…acting as a representative in the Council [confers] only partial authority and not complete authority, such as the presidency of the republic. She added that she seeks to apply the Islamic sharia, including cutting off the hands of thieves, preventing the mingling of men and women, and specifying black clothes for women and white clothes for men. [emphasis added]

Not only do Islam’s foundational texts (i.e., Koran and hadith) and resultant Sharia-based “jurisprudence” affirm such debasing attitudes, “liberated” Iraq provided evidence of how these misogynistic Islamic “ideals” have perverted the Parliamentary process in that Muslim nation. Specifically, The Times of London reported this harrowing story during March, 2005 about the exploits of Sharia and Iraqi “moderate” Ayatollah Sistani-supporting women in the Iraqi Parliament ( “Iraq’s women of power who tolerate wife-beating and promote polygamy,” The Times of London Online, March 31, 2005):

As a devout Shia Muslim and one of eighty-nine women sitting in the new parliament, she knows what her first priority there is: to implement Islamic law. When Dr Ubaedey took her seat at last week’s assembly opening, she found herself among an increasingly powerful group of religious women politicians who are seeking to repeal old laws giving women some of the same rights as men and replace them with Sharia, Islam’s divine law.

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