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The Muslim Middle east is a sick stew of competing totalitarian ideologies, this class-A moron, Atsızcıtürk, is symptomatic of the mindset that pollutes that region. All in all, whether its Alien or Predator, it’s all the same who wins. KGS

AtsızcıtürkI am a grey wolf, and I am sick of all of this shit. I am a Turkish racist, and I’m proud of that fact. Anyone who stands before me, and our ideals will face the consequences. We do not advocate any violent resolutions unless it’s necessary, and they now are! Because the k*rds and armeniyaks are out for our blood each day, and we will not stand there and take it Libtards and communists can go fuck themselves.

NOTE: These morons are so self deluded that they don’t even realize that they belong to the same side of the political aisle, with the Leftards and Communists that they say they loathe.

In house thug brawl

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  1. Lecturer asked to leave plane Oslo – Tromsø
    – “Racism”, he claims

    Egyptian Fadil Suleiman allegedly refused to turn off his PC and his cellphone before take-off, behaved aggressively and threateningly and was therefore asked to leave the plane in Oslo

    His plan was to speak at some Al Noor mosque/Alnor Senter in Tromsø, and meet islam critic Hege Storhaug, rights.no.

    – Al Noor mosque…The one that the Saudis planned to finance, and which Foreign Minister Støre refused to accept?

    This important lecturer, who travels the world, and just visited Sri Lanka and Kuwait, gives his own version on BRQ Facebook
    – Luckily, “racists” don’t go to heaven, he claims on FB


  2. Grey Wolves are Fascists and Neonazis of Turkey.

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