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  1. Wining and dining in Oslo
    – Could it bring peace to Afghanistan?

    West-Asian countries invited to conference in Oslo Thursday this week. Among the 20 countries invited, Iran had not accepted the invitation. Afghanistan, USA, Turkey and Saudi-Arabia were all present.


    – Whining, too..? To get more money for peace&dialogue?

    1. Sisu, could you give a brief synopsis of the article in question and send it to me ? I’m going to run the picture with a translation of the sign and with what you wrote here, but please send just a bit more info.. the google trans really sucks.

  2. How my heart aches for Jousef and his family, but I am so proud of my brother in Christ for his courage and faith which is a testimony to the rest of us. I pray for God to intervene, but above all, I pray that his blessed Savior will be by his side at all times to comfort him and sustain him along with his family. I love you my brother. Pastor Jim

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