anti-Burka France



But how can they prove it was exactly they’re exactly the ones ticketed?  KGS

NOTE: But what do they care, they’re getting a brand new mosque on the French taxpayers’ expense. So much for the French secular state ethic.

French court hands down first ‘burka ban’ fines

09/22/2011 17:48

Two Muslim women fined for wearing veils in public, pledge to appeal ruling; violators of law liable to fine of up to 150 euros, citizenship lessons.

MEAUX, France – A French court fined two Muslim women on Thursday for wearing full-face veils in public, the first time a judge has imposed punishment under a “burka ban” law that has become a legal and cultural battleground across Europe.

One of the women pledged immediately to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights to overturn the ban, which President Nicolas Sarkozy says protects women and guarantees equality but opponents argue violates human rights and panders to xenophobia.

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