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First published at the GOV, this excellent article shows the harsh reality of multiculturalism in Denmark, where even a ‘true believer’ changes his mind once he comes into direct contact with it. To know real Islam is to loathe it. KGS

My Experiences with a Danish Sharia-Zone

by Dan RittoOn the front page of today’s edition of [Danish newspaper] Ekstra-Bladetyou can see the headline ‘Here, sharia law applies’, and a map of the areas of the country where the imams and so-called cultural societies have established an alternative judicial system based on sharia law.

One of these areas is Gellerupparken, where I used to live and participate in what I thought was an effort to integrate immigrants into society. A feature article in the newspaper says that according to experts, these areas will, in the course of 10-15 years, be anti-democratic. I’ll stipulate that depending on what you mean by “democratic”, Gellerup has already turned that corner.

Unfortunately, the criticisms coming from Islam-sceptics like myself are almost always swept off the table with the remark that we are stupid and ignorant. Therefore in the following I will present my credentials and background for talking about conditions in Gellerup, so that the readers themselves can judge whether I am ignorant or not.

When I returned home from seminary in London in 2004, I had no possessions except for some boxes with my books in them — and the clothes on my back. I had no money and no place to live. A couple of months later I got my apartment — in Gellerupparken, because back then as now it was very quick and easy to get an apartment there. On top of that the apartments were actually surprisingly lovely, in spite of the reputation the area had.

After some time I became an active member of the society called ‘Multikulturel Forening’ [Multicultural Society]. I even became its vice-president. But before then, very soon after moving in, actually, I had new neighbours. It was a very nice guy who moved in along with his family — among them a son in a wheelchair. No one in the family spoke any language other that Arabic, so I never got to talk to any of them. But they always greeted me with big smiles and a lot of warmth, and they as well as the master of the house made a fantastic impression. His name was Shaykh Raed Hlayhel. Shaykh Hlayhel was imam in the mosque on Grimshøjvej, but that interested me little back then. Later, when the whole cartoon crisis erupted, I learned with amazement that my good neighbour was one of the imams who travelled and spread lies about Denmark throughout the Middle East.

One day, Hlayhel disappeared from the country. Literally in the dark of night. One day he was there — the next, he was gone. It said in the newspaper that it was because of dissatisfaction with the cartoonists not being punished by the Danish courts. Based on what I saw and experienced leading up to his disappearance, I am pretty sure it happened because he was put under pressure. My guess is that PET [Police Intelligence Service] was involved, but that is pure guesswork on my part.

Shaykh Hlayhel was a good and respected neighbor, but at the same time he was an enemy of my country. That was the first time I experienced the double nature of Islam!

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