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Koran:9:73: “O Prophet! Struggle against the unbelievers and hypocrites and be harsh with them”

Via El-Cid

Meanwhile on the streets of Chicago, Muslims proselytize people walking by, handing out literature, like Korans and Islamic tracts, and I’m sure that the Muslims in Malaysia would agree that they should. People living in the US should demand that these dawa propagandists answer to whether or not they agree with Muslim states forbidding other religions to proselytize.

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  1. Well, bully for ‘Islamic OasASS’, spreading Isslam with kind deeds and a smile. Be mindful that back in the 1930’s depression in Germany the Nazi party had soup kitchens and used them to recruit new party members. I’ll quote my Grandmother on this one “the rat trap has free cheese”.

  2. Malaysia should give freedom to choose one’s one religion including conversion to any religion of one’ds choice or following no religion at all. It is high time Malaysia grants basic human rights to its citizens.

    1. I agree. The problem is getting the muslims to agree with us.

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