There’s a difference though, at least in the Tundra Tabloids opinion. Hillary Clinton condemns all forms of terrorism,  as well as Jonas Gahr Støre, but she goes on to say that both the US and Israel are united in the fight against terror. The TT has serious political disagreements with Clinton and the Democrats, that said, this was the correct response to the latest outrage by Palestinian terrorists, Norway’s Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre’s statement however is purposefully weak as milk toast. KGS

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton: “The United States condemns today’s attacks in southern Israel and all acts of terrorism in the strongest terms,” said Clinton in a statement she issued to the media after the deaths of seven Israelis and the wounding of dozens.

“These brutal and cowardly attacks appear to be premeditated acts of terrorism against innocent civilians. Our deepest condolences go out to the victims, their families and loved ones,” she said.

“The United States and Israel are united in the fight against terror. We hope that those involved in the planning of these gruesome attacks will be brought to swift justice. We stand by Israel as our friend, partner, and ally – now and always,” she said


Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre: “I strongly condemn the terrorist attacks carried out in Israel today. Our thoughts go to those who have been affected and their families,” said Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Støre following a series of terrorist attacks in southern Israel on Thursday morning.

“Such violence is absolutely unacceptable, and Norway condemns all use of terror. Those responsible must be brought to justice. At the same time an effort must be made to prevent a general escalation of the conflict in the area,” said Mr Støre.

UPDATE: Brian of London adds: “If you know a journalist in Norway ask them to ask the FM if Norway condemns the assassination of the PRC leadership in an air strike yesterday.”

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