The EDL Condemns Rioting and Unchecked Lawlessness in England

By BigJay in August 9th 2011

Alongside all decent people in the UK, the EDL is shocked and horrified at what has been happening across the country for the last few nights. The rioting that has broken out all over the country should be a massive wake up call.

We’re not going to jump out of place and blame this on Islam (that will surprise a few people) and we don’t really have a view on the racial aspects of the riots except for the following observation. For two years the EDL has staged legitimate protests and there has never been any significant criminal damage. Almost all of our demonstrations have been met with an overwhelming and vicious police presence that included dogs, horses and numerous cases of batons wielded against peaceful EDL members. We have countless reports going far back in time from our own stewards who have been assaulted by the police while they themselves were keeping order.

We know it’s not the rank and file police who are responsible because we know we have huge sympathy in their ranks. There is something very rotten being fed down from the top, however. It’s obvious that, perhaps because of a perceived “un-whiteness” of the current criminal looters, the police have not been ordered to crack heads.

Maybe individual police officers are too fearful of being later blamed if they injure someone but the reality is the human rights of these violent criminal looters have been placed way above the right of decent people to walk the streets, to sleep soundly in their beds and to expect the police will protect their businesses and livelihoods.

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