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The radical extreme Left are so damn smug in their self righteousness that they don’t even notice their overt anti-Semitism any more. From CIF WATCH. KGS

More here.

Hmmmm, CIF Watch adds: It’s “the Guardian’s selective ethnic radar.”

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  1. I saw the video from two different angles, but it didn’t look like they were jeering. It was quite unclear what they were doing and where they were standing. Didn’t look like they were the rioters.

  2. Regardless of why or who is rioting, looting, burning, and committing criminal acts, the UK government has failed it’s citizens. The primary duty of government is the safety and security of the state and all of it’s citizens. Order must be restored quickly with no special treatment for those who defy authority and continue perpetrating this orgy of anarchy. The PC fools in the UK government fails to realize that the same minority groups that they pander to and (heaven forbid) be accused of racism, are suffering the most in the poorer ethnic neighborhoods. When law and order breaks down everyone suffers.

    1. True, I just read that a man died because he was shot. I hope this will be over as soon as possible.

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