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    1. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya etc. Now we have that other Middle-Eastern nation, Britistan. This is a pre-planned, well-organised and well-funded pattern of riots from city to city…..
      Sorry, I’m just being paranoid!

  1. well the events in london are extremelly unpleasant and this august is very hot for british but some months ago the situation showed that we will lead to this point with those huge fires in the city of london as a result of the dead young man
    that caused this revolt.
    these are the results of the european economic policy of great britain
    when someone takes 300 euros per month and others 50.000 it is being caused a sense of injustice that caused waves of terror and uncontrolled violence, a sign of decadence in europe that seem to loose its way and its civilization to have a fall after the rising of those centuries like the american. these events concern the western civilization [american and europe] in the same degree while china warned usa that dollar is not a credible money and that they should take care off their economy that is on a really bad point. furthermore there is no danger for olympic games because british are so friendly with all in greece they are having sex on the streets , make orgiers and they are so expressive with foreigners….

    i wish to mr cameron to have a nice summer even if he hasnt

    best regards

    it contains the poems new york olympia, exhibition of orthodromic retrospection and of course the hot book erotonomicon
    with a literature fire

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