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Conquest Through Rape In Europe? Latest Victim Raped On Steps Of Parliament

Posted by Ned May Jul 22nd 2011 at 8:10 am


As reported previously, all the stranger rapes in Oslo over the past five years — when the perpetrators could be identified — were committed by Muslim immigrants, and almost all of the victims were indigenous Norwegians. This is an example of “conquest through rape”, which is has been a feature of the Islamic hijra all over the world ever since the 7th century.

This latest rape would seem to be just another in a long series — a 20-year-old Norwegian girl raped by a 15-year-old North African asylum-seeker in downtown Oslo. Ho-hum, dog bites man, right?

Well, not entirely. This particular atrocity occurred on the steps of the Norwegian parliament, facing the Castle. To make matters even worse, as the young culture-enricher worked his will on the victim, he was being observed live via a video surveillance camera by security guards inside the parliament building — who did not leave the building to help the young woman.

It seems that interrupting a rape on the front steps was not part of their job description — that task rightly belonged to the police, who unfortunately arrived too late to interrupt the crime.

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  1. This 15 year old needs to be castrated like all other immigrant men that rape Norwegian women.If he is still living somewhere in Norway then he should be sent to a prison and a doctor can do the castration surgery and then be deport back home and never let back in.

  2. This article fails to cite a credible news story about the alleged rape. It seems a rather convenient news story too.

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