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Come on people, how much more evidence do we in the counterjihad have to provide before the final judgement on Islam is delivered by society? There is nothing salvageable in that ideology. Time to mount a serious campaign to delegitimize it, thereby rendering it pariah status world wide. KGS

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  1. In reviewing a few of your incites, Americans must be made aware that Muslims are protected under Sharia LAW, in our own court system. We can only deal with matters outside of their own culture- “The rape on the Parliament’s door step”. The others- Sharia Law prevails.

  2. As an Australian I’m sorry to have to find out about this through your website.
    I have read similar brief references to things like this but not in the detail of Chris Merritt’s report.
    Your links to the story don’t work very well and the one you need is-
    One can’t read everything in every newspaper in Australia and this hadn’t been mentiond in anything I’d read or listened to.
    The concerns you have are also shared by many in Australia.

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