Gaza Flotilla


Video: Gaza Flotilla Poses Danger to Israeli Civilians

Posted on June 24, 2011
In order to protect Israeli civilians from attacks by the terrorist organization Hamas, the IDF lawfully enforces a naval blockade on the Gaza Strip. Given previous attempts by the terrorist organization Hamas in smuggling weapons via land and sea and the inherent difficulties in conducting inspections at sea, it is critical that Israeli forces inspect all goods and material marked for Gaza prior to their transfer into Gaza. Thus, the Israel Navy will be forced to intercept the Gaza flotilla if it attempts to break the legally enforced naval blockade.

This week, the Israel Navy conducted an integrated exercise simulating all possible scenarios in the event that the Gaza flotilla attempts to breach the legally enforced naval blockade on Gaza.

2 Responses

  1. These provocateurs are helping Hamas, a terrorist organization, from which Israeli inspections have recently stopped arms shipments. Hamas still rockets, mortars and RPGs Israeli civilians. They are terrorists and no spin or narrative can deny this truth.

    Therefore, every one of the individuals and organizations, as well as their insurers and supporting groups must be prosecuted to the fullest, not only by the state of Israel and individual Israeli citizens but Israel’s allied governments whose flags are being offensively flown on this flotilla.

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