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Christian leaders of the big denominations are the most clueless about Islam, thus they’re the most dangerous to society as far as appeasing Islam is concerned.

Muslim leaders contact Lutheran leaders in Helsinki, and the Bishop of Helsinki is more than willing to ‘open her doors’ to the mohammedan. This ignoramus hasn’t a clue as to what she’s setting in motion, as the Islamic community seeks to use the Finns’ ignorance to advance Islam in Finland. Whenever tolerance is used to appease the intolerant, the results are always the same, devastating. KGS

NOTE: She makes the mistake in believing that Islam can live peacefully in co-existence with the non-Muslim, when in fact the Muslim is always working to advance Islam, which means striving for the instituting of sharia  law, that will usher in the Islamic state. That means she’s opening the flood gates for whining and demands, until they get what they want, and when their numbers reach critical proportions, let’s see just how ‘co-existent’ they will be.

UPDATE: Juha Ahdesmaki says in the comments that she’s a lesbian. ESW comments that: Well good for her. she will love seeing the world from a crane…”

Irja Askola, the clueless dhimmi-in-waiting Bishop of Helsinki.

Bishop of Helsinki Irja Askola wants more cooperation between the Lutheran Church of Finland and the Muslims.


Are not religions a threat each other?

“Religions here are on the same side. We, who believe that sacredness means something, can not allow people to be set against each other due to racist motives. So there is really zero tolerance for it!”

What kind of cooperation could there be?

“They long for encounters between Lutheran and Muslim youth. They also have a need for an online discussion as well as Islamic literature in translation, where the moderate tone of voice, and a European Islam may arise.

They also have a shortage of facilities. The Islamic community is growing, and the Helsinki facilities are expensive to rent. “Could the Islamic community use Lutheran church facilities for their own functions?

“It’s decided by elected representatives along with the vicars. But I can imagine that this would also be possible. We just need to consider on both sides, which sacred ordinances can be facilitated on another’s premises.

I think it would be a strange thing for many in the church. But actually I think that the Church’s mission is to create a space for encounters. Many of our events increasingly can invite also Muslims to discussions.

Hospitality belongs to Christianity: my door is open, my heart is open-minded, and sometimes purse strings are open.”

What about the teaching of Islam? Does it belong in school?

“I think it is important that everyone has the right to receive information about their own culture and religion. The school district is teaching religion in society in accordance withaccepted rules of the game. It prevents fundamentalist, intense activity. It is in everyone’s interest.”

More here in Finnish.

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  1. What is it with these people trying to defend Islam? I’ve never heard of a bishop saying: I’m going to fight for Judaism’ and I’ve never heard a rabbi saying: I’m going to fight for Christianity’.

    Btw, I didn’t know you had female bishops. As a women I feel obligated to tell you that women rarely forgive and they certainly never forget 😉

  2. Let’s see what facilities the Muslims open to the Christians. Maybe a church service in a mosque? Or a cake sale to buy Bibles for the troubled youth of Somalia? Look for all the wonderful examples found of Muslim tolerance of Christianity in Saudi Arabia for example. One can’t help but respect this Finnish decision with the abundant evidence of Islamic tolerance for their neighbours e.g. Pakisatan/India, Chechenya/Russia, Serbia/Bosnia, North and South of most countries in North Africa, peaceful coexistance in Europe, Australia, Bali, North America, all of the Middle East/Israel…

  3. Yes indeed, the woman is a clueless dhimmi bleeding heart.

    She is the bishop of Helsinki. Attended Helsinki University and obtained a degree in Theology then up to ecclesiastical ladder to her current position.

    She reminds me very much of the state of the Anglican Church in 19th century England where the Church was just another career path for ambitious people with little talent but who knew how to ingratiate themselves with the influential people in society.

    What a sad reflection on the Lutheran Church in Finland today.

    I hear she plays the violin. How nice.

    But is she an authentic Christian?

  4. And based on her own words, she has no understanding of the Church’s mission in the world.

    1. Well then, she’s all that I expected her to be. Thanks for pointing that tid-bit out to me. She’s daft for reaching out to Islam that will one day subdue those who share her lifestyle.

  5. Even the religious community has it’s share of ‘useful idiots’.

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