Big freaking deal, they already willingly handed over Finnish sovereignty to a grossly corrupt, big bloated, statist entity of the EU, and they’re now orgasmic over a possible commission seat.

You see folks, what the Finnish faux conservatives in the National Coalition arfe all about (Kokoomus, or ‘kokopuffs’ according to a good friend), is bean counting, not true conservatism. Ever since they’ve accepted the socialists’ premise of the nanny state, it’s been down hill for them.

They are not true conservatives, but in fact corporate statists, having embraced big government as a key component in their party platform. Though they had supposed ‘big differences’ with the Left while trying to coalesce a majority government, in fact, they were arguing over nuances, how much taxes to raise and from whom, where to spread the wealth in keeping the nanny state functioning etc..

The National Coalition, while indeed casting themselves as a conservative party, has never once considered going back to basics of true capitalist conservatism, which means promoting limited government, a true safeguarding of the citizen’s property rights, and a true open and capitalist free market society.

Instead of preaching true individual centered conservatism to Finnish society as the only correct alternative to statist collectivist socialism, which would mean choosing to remain in opposition in  successive governments, they’ve tossed their hat in with the socialists to grab the brass ring of goevernment. For them, bean counting (how many of their members make it into parliament) is everything, principled conservatism is not.

So why should it surprise us that they are all giddy about getting their boy, former MEP, Finnish FM, Alexander Stubb, into a commissioner’s seat in the EU, an institution by the way, that makes the big statist, now radical Leftist Democrat party in the US look like a bunch of fiscal Milton Friedman conservatives?

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  1. So exactly what does a European Commissioner do, and what does he/she “earn” in carrying out such an august role?

    Does he/she make any real difference in the lives of Finnish citizens?

    Once these people get on the gravy train they hang on like barnacles on the bottom of a boat.

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