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  1. Pat Condell is a voice of sanity and commonsense in an atmosphere of stifling political correctness and insidious cultural marxism.

    All power to you Pat and keep up the good work.

  2. Why is it that when finally someone comes out and speaks the truth it circulates around maybe… a few thousand people.

    The West’s apathy towards Islam will be its downfall. When are we all going to realise that muslims are the masters of media manipulation and propoganda. They are also the masters of playing the victim to the “evil westerners”.

    What the west doesnt realise is that Islam is not a religion that has any of the same values as the Judeo/Christian religions. Eg. much of most modern law in western countries has its roots in the 10 commandments. “thou shall not kill” is one example. The west naively believes that Muslims also believe this, however their laws are not derived from the same source. The Koran says thou shall not kill, but then goes on to give a list of all the examples when it is fine to kill and even a blessing to do so.

    Lets be real for once, they hate the west, they hate our values, they hate how we live, down to such trivia as to the clothing we wear. Why then do they move in their millions to the west…. of course there is only one reason and that is to change us all to be Muslims….. and if they succeed…. eternal life in paradise… its the ultimate blessing.

    I fear that it is already too late. There are some countries that have realised and are finding their way to limit immigration, but for many, particularly in Europe it is too late.

    I live in Australia. I was in a hair salon in Melbourne 2 years ago where there were 2 young muslim apprentices in long black clothing and headscarves. It was a very hot day and the airconditioning wasnt doing much. I commented on how hot they must feel; the response was, “dont worry within 10 years you will be wearing this too”.

    Please, to those who have some kind of power to save us, please do something. Spread this video to as many as you can. Its time the world knows the truth.

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