It mirrors their rejection of their own culture and heritage.

This is what happens when the civil society of any country goes under attack by the socialists for decades. This is why the US, still has a strong presence of religious life noticeable in their daily lives (that drives the Euros crazy). Socialist thought, which is actually creeping into US society, hasn’t yet had the success as in Europe, but that soon is changing if Americans do not wake up. KGS

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  1. The less seriously that people take religion, the better it will be. It would be great if Muslims were a lot less religious and best of all if they were not religious at all.

    As for religion being strong in American life, well, the USA is the country of Rapturists, Creationists, Biblical Literalists, Mormons… it’s quite a circus of crazy beliefs in the USA. I think Americans have a lot to be embarrassed about when it comes to religion.

  2. And Mr Bogiman I get the impression that you have fallen into the same irrational state of mind that conflates all cultures.

    Fact is that all religions are not equal. Islam is just a death cult and bears no comparison with Christianity or Judaism.

    1. Religion in the USA is a bit of a crazy circus with its millions of creationists and rapturists and other loons. Islam is far worse, it is as much a fascist ideology as a religion and is a big threat to Europe.

      At least you can laugh at the American creationists and rapturists and whatnot, but laugh at Islam and you get your head cut off. That is one important difference.

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