Norway Rape


It doesn’t get anymore real than this folks, wild hordes of Muslim immigrant ‘youths’ preying on young white girls because their own kind are off limits. Do all Muslim youths commit such deeds, of course not, but enough of them do to make it a serious enough situation and danger for ethnic Norwegian girls, Fjordman has been reporting on it for years. KGS

UPDATE: Her name was Eva Helgetun, scroll down for more

H/T: Fjordman and Sisu

Swedish rape victim

14-year-old took her life because of group rape


10.06.2011 at. 09.47

A 14-year-old girl in Trondheim took his own life after being assaulted and raped by three teenage boys. Only four weeks after she reported the rape at Kristiansten fortress, ninth grader could not bear to live any longer.

The girl’s mother believes the group rape is the direct cause of why her daughter chose to take her life two weeks ago:

– This shows how brutal consequences of such a serious crime can get, “said her mother through her daughter’s counsel, Sigrun Dybvad.

Her mother has consented to the Adresseavisen’s mentioning the tragic incident, and she has provided information to the case. The incident has shaken many in Trondheim. Address newspaper has in recent days received emails and phone calls from desperate and upset parents. Over 1300 people have joined in a memorial group for 14-year-old online community Facebook. Tuesday this week met with 245 people up to say goodbye when she was buried in the Lutheran Free Church.

Police in Trondheim is worried after five unsolved assault rapes or attempted on the same page 1 April. In three of the five cases , several perpetrators, all of which are described as African or Middle Eastern men. Police believe that the rapes have been planned in advance.

The evening before 1 May facilitate the ninth grader for her friends when she was stopped by a young man of foreign origin. According to 14-year-old’s explanation, he tried to stay around and kiss her. When she responded that she would meet a friend, he said he knew this friend. This thought ninth grader, and went with the man. Shortly after the assault began:

Ninth graders noticed that two other teenage boys came walking, and thought at first that they came to help. Instead, they have helped to keep her down. The girl told that she tried to shout for help, but that there was so much noise that no one heard her.

While peers attached very close, and while both the police and about 50 night owls patrolling the area, the 14-year-old testified that two of the perpetrators managed to rape her, before she got loose from the third. Then she ran from the scene, and away in the direction Nonnegata. There, she met a couple who should have immediately understood that something had happened and helped her home.

The girl has described the perpetrators as teenage boys in 16-17-age of foreign origin.


UPDATE: Her name was Eva Helgetun, 14 years of age. RIP.

More here in Swedish

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  1. Why doesn’t the article say the foreigners who did this are Muslims?
    Why don’t the memberd of that community where this happened
    hunt the perverts down, and do with them what any hunter
    does with a quarry? Kill it, skin it, and hang it by the legs to dry…all 3 of the Mus Slimes.

    Have you in Trondheim lost Your Courage…Your Balls?

    Are you co-operating with these Mus-Slime by your silence? Has Sharia Law
    intimidated you into silence…by not even protecting and avenging the Slimes
    who have raped your women?

    I’m disgusted with you ‘Retards’ and Cowards of Trondheim.

    1. Steve you are soo right! The Scandinavian countries are being hit hard by muzzies raping the white women. But POLITICAL CORRECTNESS even happens over there. Believe me people are up in arms over there, and trying to make changes. But they fear its too late!

      1. @Donna Estrem, Never surrender, it’s never too late. If you’re not dead, then don’t lie down, the scum will never give you peace.

      2. It’s never too late.
        They are Metastatic Islamanoma they eat away at a society.

    2. “Why doesn’t the article say the foreigners who did this are Muslims?
      Why don’t the memberd of that community where this happened
      hunt the perverts down, and do with them what any hunter
      does with a quarry?”

      Answer to all questions: They don’t know who did it

      1. Davie put down the bong for a minute, the muzzies are getting away with these rapes because the authorities are piss-weak. They know who did it but are afraid of the backlash. They NEED to kick a few heads and show the muzzies they won’t be cowed.
        Maybe some of the bikie gangs will help out

        1. hope the biker gangs do help .as the police and the goverment have got no balls to do owt .

          1. I’d love some of the bikers to get involved and do what the police are too scared to do. Also soak them in pigs blood before making sure they are not able to do it again permanently.

            They want their barbaric sharia law in our country, well it’s time to show them how barbaric we can be too. The West shed those barbaric ways decades ago but since they want us to fight them on their turf, we should say to hell with PC and human rights just as they do.

      2. If they don’t know who did it, how do they know they are Muslim? If I was a assuming racist retard like most wHite people are, we would hate Christians for killing, raping, enslaving and destroying the “savages, or infadels”. Just because he one of them was of middle eastern decent, doesn’t mean he’s a muslim, and Muslim does not equal terrorist. Fuck Christians and white people, everywhere they go, non whites suffer.

    3. Hello all. I`m from Russia. I consider it to be a heavy crime. Being at Sweden I saw that all priveleges are given to muslims…Russians claimed to be bandits and drunkards. It is not right. Neighboring with muslim states we know how to deal with rapist…but we never tell

      1. It’s simple to deal with rapists: give women weapons.

      2. It’s the same in Denmark, the muslims call us racists, yet the only racist I know is a muslim. It’s sick that white people, especially girls have to be afraid to say something that could sound hateful to a muslim female but muslim/dark skinned females can say anything they’d like here. I’ve been threatened by Turkish and muslim women and men several times for saying my opinion, even though it wasn’t hateful at all. I’d love for the Russians to come help us :c

        1. Exactly. Just because you are middle eastern, doesn;t make you muslim.
          You can’t be certain of someone’s religious orientation based on their ethnicity.
          I think the pigs who did this need to have the same done to them! They are disgusting, pathetic, weak little people who prey on poor young girls.
          BUT….. we don;t know that they are muslim. Anyway, who cares what religion they are, ANYONE who does this kind of thing is disgusting.
          Lets focus on prosecuting the perpetrators, not creating mass hysteria. You end up sounding crazy when you just point the finger at ONE group/religion/ethnicity and holding all muslims responsible for the actions of these individuals. NO religion tells you to rape. Anyone who is muslim and doesn’t respect womem is a bad person. Regardless of their religion.

          1. Yea, it probably does. I never saw a “African or Middle Eastern men” in a Christian church. Not to speak about Atheism or Buddhism

          2. To Mischa:

            Just because you don’t see someone in your church, doesn’t mean they are Muslim.
            So your saying anyone (white, middle eastern, whatever) who doesn’t go to church is muslim?
            You freak
            I dont go to church, but i am not muslim. Guess what color my hair is… jet black! And my skin is pale white. And i was born in Costa Rica. So what religion does that make me genius?

          3. I agree with you, being from the middle east doesn’t make you a muslim, and even if they are muslims, it shouldn’t matter. The reason we’re pointing fingers at the muslims though is because there have been some tentions between muslims and scandinavians in all the scandinavian countries. But saying they’re muslim without even knowing it definitely doesn’t create less racism here.

        2. There are atheist, christian, buddhist and Jewish people in both Africa and the Middle east. Just because they are from there or look like one, it doesn’t mean they are muslims. I have seen indians who look middle eastern and middle eastern people who look like indians.

      1. I’ll tell you why, it’s called rape jihad (see, they leave certain tracks..Take a little time and’s their specialty and nobody likes to offend the savages-

  2. My condolences to her friends and family.

    I hope the attackers spend the rest of their lives in jail.

    1. I hope the politicians who imported these vermin end up dangling from a rope.

      1. They, and the perpetrators, will all get away. Norway has lost what little spine it had.

  3. Her death is a double victory for the Muslims. It will be greeted with joy in the Muslim community.

  4. This is what the politically correct left considers to be normal behaviour…you know…”to each his own” and “live and let live”. The “clinical left” is the threat here. Without them this scum wouldn’t exist…because we on the Right wouldn’t allow it ot exist.

    Dave, Canadian Capitalist

    1. Dave,
      what do you know about left and right here in Norway or in America for that matter?? You need to shut your mouth. This is about the suicide of a victim, a young one, not about politics you idiot.

      1. Well said Roxanne! I am an American liberal who would throw down on anyone I saw trying to rape somebody, wrong is just wrong no matter what politics or religion! I simply don’t agree with people on the extreme right who would target anyone who is Muslim, or anything “different” really… They seem to thrive on that sort of fear mongering. But you don’t have to embrace fear to have a spine! They should try pissing off someone who works at being fair minded, if they really want to see a storm!

        1. … and your point is very true and poignant.. that young girl, her whole life in front of her… 🙁 so terrible!

        2. Cyclechris, So you’re an American Liberal, I don’t know anyone who is targeting Muslims because ‘they’re Muslims’, but in fact, they’re simply rallying against the totalitarian ideology that they (Muslims) not only represent, but support as well. Islamization is detrimental to the very ”liberalism” that you say you yourself represent. Fear mongering is a tradtional tool of the Left, but that aside, highlighting the anti-Western norms that Islam represents, is not ”fear mongering”, it’s truth telling. If you rally against discrimination against homosexuals, against women and other minorities, against anti-liberal agendas, you have to be against sharia as well, otherwise you’re just blowing a lot of hot air.

          Read the following entire interview, then get back with me to see if your views have changed.

    2. Oh, I’m in agreement with Dave.. it’s what the so called progressive left are aiming to do here in America!

  5. Find the muslims concerned and their families, and then remove them.

  6. Forget the EU’s ban on the death penalty: those that perpetrated the rape ought to be promptly HANGED or shot (no matter how unconstitutional it be!) and their families immediately disenfranchised (if they have any Western citizenship) and deported to wherever they came from. [Any Muslims of Western stock and birth would be sent to Irân if Shi’ite, else Saudi Arabia – and with NO papers to prove where they came from!!!]

    1. Yes, let the people find these Muslim rapists, and nail them to trees.

  7. In fact – better yet – why not behead the perpetrators, exactly the way they would do unto us “infidels”?? DEATH TO ISLÂM!!!!

    1. You a the biggest psycho of them all!
      So You would be happy to see islamic people dead, including innocent women and children???
      Why don’t you say death to rapists and murderers? Instead of billions of innocent people?

    2. Who called you an “infidel”?
      Did somebody try to behead you? Rapists come in all races/religions.
      What about Josef Fritzl? He was white.

  8. God rest her soul. There’s a saying. What goes around comes around! No one truly “get’s away” with anything, divine retribution will get ’em in the end. Still, it makes me sick to see just how opportunistic they are, preying on baby girls like animals. God help them, cause there won’t be 72 virgins waitin’ for ’em at the end of the tunnel…

    1. We believe that we should not have to ENDURE people that do this type of thing. Yes “they will get theirs” but we need to take them OUT, and I mean PUT THEM TO DEATH, and THEN “GOD” can do with them what HE sees fit. They rape someone in MY family, I will hunt them down and tourture them, beat them to a pulp, THEN I will put them out of their misery and let “GOD” take it from there!!! NO ONE should have to endure this type of treatment, rape is a horrible thing all by itself, but to be beaten and raped by multiple people?? OMG, we should hunt these filthy slimeballs down and send them to THEIR MAKER!!!! KARMA, I don’t want to wait for it to catch up to them!!!!

    2. I would rather they didn’t live to a ripe old age before facing divine retribution. I am sure the family of this girl have a few ideas of how retribution should be handed out.

      Play the muzzies at their own game, convict them and then let the family decide their punishment, hopefully the punishment will be longer and far more painful mentally and physically than that poor girl suffered. Maybe if that was how we dealt with crimes of that nature, there would be far less others so eager to do it.

      1. Nail them to trees by their manhood. Let them be a sign to others.

  9. I have absolutely no doubt in my mind that these perpetrators are koranimals. They should be hunted down like any rabid dog and when caught should be castrated and deported to one of the 57 sharia compliant Islamic paradise.

  10. i wonder how much compensation these Muslims will get.The murderers of young Charlene downs of Blackpool got thousands.this is endemic through- out Britain,

    1. Actually, if the Nazi’s had won, there wouldn’t be a demographic shift, nations would have adopted more sane policies, and this girl would still be alive.
      This website supports Israel. Israel advocates for their own kind, while Western governments advocate for everyone else besides their own kind. Western Governments together with jewish political groups advocate for replacing White Western people in all traditionally White countries.

      1. It’s all about Leftism, not Jews. Israel is facing teh exact same kind of influx of immigrants, the non-Jewish variety, like Europe and elsewhere in the West. Leftists are the ones at fault here, as well as their neutered colleagues on the right. If the Nazis had won, there would be a whole list of ethnicities with their heads on on the chopping block, because National Socialism is derived from Marxism and Marxism is a genocidal ideology as well, and all those people who are deemed to be unfit for the new era, would be physically removed from it. Get it?

        1. how has this anything to do with Leftism?
          no Left in his/her right mind would support such things because left ideals strongly oppose Islamism
          on the contrary if left radicals would get hold of those rapists they would beat them into a pulp
          but i suppose there are no left radicals wherever you come from

  11. Imagine the response if this had been a Muslim girl raped by non Muslims
    The town would be burning.
    Of course the girl did the right thing by Muslim standards as having lost her honour there was no longer any use for her life

    1. For every one of her tears which fell, may one Muslim’s manhood also fall.

      1. what about innocent muslims?
        How about we stick to hating the rapists, not a whole group of people. Should everyone hate ALL germans cos Hitler was German? Take your anger out on the Guilty. Not the innocent.

  12. Rape can be defined as a forced landing on Thighland. Winston Churchill once said that an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile–hoping it will eat him last. The politically
    correct white leftists are now appeasing the Izlamists forgetting very easily what happened when the Nazists were appeased in the Second World War. Millions have died for our freedom and they are giving away our freedom to the Muzlim hordes on a silver platter.

    1. Israeli Dhimmis found out the hard way what happens when you try to appease Islam and support it in every way you can short of becoming muslim yourself. Pity they can’t tell their tale now, they were all killed when their usefulness was over.

  13. What would have happened if this had been caucasian boys and a Muslim girl?

    1. I can assure you people would not be saying “Death to Christianity”!!!
      Because you can’t tell someone’s religion by their race!!!!! All white people aren’t christian. All middle eastern/Africans aren;t muslim.

    Shocking Rise in Violence Against Swedish Women
    posted by Fjordman, Tuesday, April 12, 2005

    Strangely enough, there is no connection made in this article by the New York Times between the huge influx of Muslim immigrants and the steep rise in violence. As I’ve shown in my posts before, circumstantial evidence indicates a strong correlation between the two.

    I notice that the NYT agrees with my conclusions that the numbers cannot be explained away as merely a greater willingness by women to report the incidents. Which is exactly what the police in Sweden’s third largest city claimed about an appalling number of rape charges.

    They’re lying, and they know it. The same thing happens in Oslo, Norway, where the authorities are covering up the statistics and sacrificing their own young women to keep the peace. Predictably, leading Swedish feminists like Gudrun Schyman continue their quest to demonize all men, instead of focusing on Muslims. No wonder I consider myself an ex-feminist:

    Some questions:
    * When are Swedish media going to demand that these statistics are made public?
    * When are you going to demand that the entire Swedish government resigns over this?
    * When are you going to demand that several of its key members such as Mona Sahlin are charged with criminal negligence for withholding vital information to the public about the state of affairs in your country?

    * For how long are you willing to sacrifice your sisters, daughters and girlfriends at the altar of multiculturalism?

      * For how long are you willing to sacrifice your sisters, daughters and girlfriends at the altar of multiculturalism?”

      It’s not the governments sisters, daughters and girlfriends who are at risk. They are all well guarded and enjoy the security that their relatives position in government brings. The government don’t give a damn. As long as they can profit from it, we are all considered no more than sacrificial lambs.

  15. I am so very sorry for this young lady and her family.
    The police,politicians and her society need to be held accountable .They let these inhuman hate lovers into their country and turned them loose to commit animalistic crimes/fullfil their twisted pleasures on innocent citizens.
    It is easy to see how Islam reduces people to primitive emotions and violence.
    Death and meeting Allah is too simple for these ……..things.
    Nail them to a chair right through their manly weapons with rusty nails.Poke a few holes in them with rusty tools.Set up a video camera and broadcast their slow death by gangrene to muslim countries.Make them suffer the hell they imposed on this poor young lady.

      1. And you’re an idiot, or perhaps you’re pursuing an agenda?

        1. This one is sucking up to the cursed & violent Muslims. SHAME

  16. WHY does anyone in ANY country, tolerate actions like this????
    These “BOYS” do NOT deserve to take another BREATH of LIFE!!!! Find them, KILL them, hang their bodies up for ALL to SEE. Make SURE anyone that THINKS about doing something like this KNOWS, They are going to be KILLED!!!! THAT No one will just let them do these to our women and children!!! This is insane!!!!

    1. What happens to the rule of law then? If they are found and shot..

      Would it make it okay for others to shoot you, for being so ignorant?

  17. Europe needs to be free of muslims once and for all.

    1. Ok Hitler.
      So everyone should just go back to their own countries right?
      If that was the case, the world would never develop. America would not even exist!

  18. Muslim civilians are attacking us civilians – be it with bombs, knives or raping Western women. It is not a conventional war ie nation against nation, but Muslim civilians attacking us without fear of retaliation. As Muslims attack innocent non-Muslim civilians, then it is only right that the compliment is returned, specially if these rapist Jihadis are not found and severely punished.

  19. If the Europeans don’t get their act together, they are going to suffer more than animals in a slaughter house do once the muslims reach a greater population (which wont be long from now given the fact that they reproduce like vermin) and when that happens, your tears will never run dry!
    Open your eyes to see, see to take notice, notice to understand the events unfolding before you and take action before u reap the consequences of being ignorant of the ever increasing muslim population in ur nations!!

    1. Not all Muslims populating your country are raping people. If your country can’t prosecute the guilty properly, thats the problem that needs to fixed.
      Every rapist/murderer etc should be convicted and if necessary deported. Not fucking EVERYONE. White/euro rapists should be punished too!
      He-llo, josef fritzl?? he was white!

  20. Unless Islam is shown to be the vile filthy bunch of rapist child molesting thugs they actually are, cowardly politicians will pretend it is alright. Islam is not a religion it is evil incarnate,for the brutalisation and repression of women and non believers. Stone age scum should be forced to return to the filthy hell holes from which they came, and see how they enjoy the freedom to be blow to bits,while women are forced to marry their uncles,because no woman is willingly going to have a relationship with these sub humans. Hence the burqa-hiding the shame.

    1. Why are your poloticians pretending it’s allright? Looks like you needs new politicians!

  21. most whites probably enjoy such long as the victim is not her/him..

    1. Uhhh who the hell are you? You piece of shit. What do you mean “most whites” Considering NONwhite muslim immigrants or their children make up 85% of all convicted rapists in Sweden, and over 90% of all criminals. White people don’t want to rape AFRICANs – who the hell wants the aids.

    2. God you are a filthy piece of shit. If that was true, then 85% of ALL CONVICTED RAPISTS in Sweden would not be foreign born or children of foreign born.

      Child rape would not be increased 600% in Sweden since BROWNS and BLACKS increase in Sweden. You are filth.

  22. death penality? nooo, it’s too bad… poor muzs, it’s only their nature… i propose the castration with red-hot pincers , without anesthesia of course. and the closing of anus with the glue (as the iranian shites do…). I suppose that the beduins think very well, the next time that they smell of a white woman…

    1. Not all muslims are rapists. I bet you have never travelled the world and seen it for yourself. You have prob never left your town.

  23. Recently the Norwegians reluctantly acknowledged that 100% of the rapes in Norway in 2010 were committed by Muslims. Previously they had been hiding the information by misreporting what the witnesses described.

  24. nvrennvren,
    One suspects that you are projecting your own behavior. Most white (your racist language) people do not get excited over someones death, which is completely the opposite of the vile, racist, stupid and lazy muslim tripe that now commit the majority of sexual crimes in Scandinavia. I have lost count of the times a vile muslim mob has been seen celebrating the murder of a non-muslim in Africa or East Asia. In short jerk, STFU. The situation, quite simply, is that muslims behave like criminals en masse, and the safety of our own people now comes above that of any muslim invader. It is time to start terminating/deporting the muslim tripe. We have worked hard to raise our standards of living and the hopes of our children – we don’t need muslims to ruin the hopes of our next generations with the mindless devotion to a rapist and murderer that characterizes islam.

  25. People of Norway have you never heard of frontier justice – find who did this and take care of it yourselves – your government has thrown you to the wolves. You know what a Texas farmer does when he sees a wolf coming after his sheep – BOOM!

  26. Wow, I’m impressed. The people who are commenting on this blog are complete and utter scum. I’ve always been opposed to Islam and fought it since several years now on a political basis, but I’m not quite sure if I’d prefer to live under Sharia Law or in a country where the commentators here rule.
    Nevermind, both is pretty much the same thing.

    “Find them, KILL them, hang their bodies up for ALL to SEE.”
    “Why don’t the memberd of that community where this happened
    hunt the perverts down, and do with them what any hunter
    does with a quarry? Kill it, skin it, and hang it by the legs to dry…”

    Thank god there’s still the United States of america and it’s constitution to defend not only against Muslims – but also against fascists like you. I’m disgusted by just knowing of your mere existence.

    1. HAHAHAA I am from the USA – DOUCHEBAG – so, you are not sure if you would rather live in a country where 14 year old girls are executed for being raped, people who convert from islam to christian are executed, gays are executed, people who ‘criticise mohammed’ are also executed – or a beautiful and free country where people simply say they wish they could kill the pieces of shit who caused this pain.

      Dude, 85% of all convicted rapists here are immigrants from middle east or africa, and the incidence of rape has gone up 1,000% in Sweden in 20 years, the incidence of child rape 600%. If you once lived in a peaceful community, that is now thriving with gang rape (combined with horrible violence against the victims) and your 14 year old daughter was GANG RAPED by muslims, for being a white christian….would you be so cocky?

      Obama is not protecting SHIT against muslims, the left wing are complete and total fascists, and YOU ARE A LIAR ‘mr ANTI’ – you haven’t fought a damned thing, except people who are trying to protect their families from idiots like you.

    2. hey i aint muslim and sympathize with the rape victim and her family. i do believe though that the society has deteriorated and broken down, but all muslims are not bad but those few spoil the name of the rest, recently my muslim friend was gangraped while she was at a rally for peace and ending violence against women. society must change as for sweden they need stricter immigration laws and background checks for people originating from africa and the middle east. even the rise in rape cases has increased in india ( cause im half indian and half american xd ) and in the usa. i just wish that god forgives the souls of the sinners

  27. Blacks do the same thing to white women here in America. The problem isn’t that Islam is replacing Western Civilization in parts of Europe, the problem is that Western Civilization is being replaced and its people are being exterminated, it doesn’t really matter WHAT is replacing it, Europeans would be just as bad off under non-Muslim black immigration. The problem is genocide against whites. You people are being cowards and liars by focusing on Islam. It allows you to pretend it’s only about religion and not race, therefore allowing you to avoid a charge of “racism.” But blacks in Europe rape just as many white women as Muslims do.

    1. ah…. but Black offenses in the long run are solely born out of policy, and can be eventually corrected if the will is there, Islam, is a whole different kettle of fish, for their laws effect us, their’s is a whole civilization, a way of life, Black crime is in great part due to leftist policies.

    2. Crimes happen to everyone, everywhere. White, black, hispanic, muslim, christian, european, catholic…..
      I dont think white people need to be scared of people who arent white.
      Shit happens everywhere in the world.

      1. Shelly you are right, shit does happen! But only arsholes can make it happen!

  28. hope the bikers gang helps out becourse the police and the goverment wont help thay got no balls its left to us

  29. “What would have happened if this had been caucasian boys and a Muslim girl?”

    That is the point you idiot. If it were to happen it would be world class news. PC makes you stupid–there are virtually no rapes in Scandinavia except by Africans and Middle Easterners.
    FBI statistics in the US for the year 2005, showed 30,000 black on white rapes/sexual assualts; white on black–about 10. And to think Scandinavians just about invited these creatures. Talk about mental illness and suicide.
    This poor girl, may her soul not rest but inspire others to rebel, is a symbol of the suicide being commited by whites throughout places like this.
    And they call “racists” mentally ill.

  30. There are plenty of black men and others who never rape women. Islam justifies rape of non-muslims in it’s scriptures. Kaffir women are war booty for them.

    Europe MUST eject these scum Muslims and take steps to reduce the influence of Islam in the world for the sake of all civillisation.

    1. Where does Islam justify rape of non mislims? Where did you read that?

      1. Read the Quran. It’s full of promoting & encouraging violence. Religion of peace? Bullshit.

  31. wow the amount of ignorance in one page, firstly my deepest condolences to the poor young girl lost at such an early age. Firstly “muslim” isnt an ethnic group so stop lashing out on 23.4% of the worlds population. just because a pro isreali article states it, which i personally find very stupid and seems to working very well with everyone. Yes they are middle eastern and muslims and they should be severely punished and by punished i do not mean the E.U slap on the wrist punishment, im talking 80 lashes till ur skin falls off and imprisonment for life because those bastards wont be doing these horrible crimes back where theyr from because theyl prob get the chops!!! the problem is the leniency and immigration policies that ungrateful individuals are taking for granted. Regulations have to change and immigration policies have to be alot more strict!!

    1. Muslims consider themselves an ‘ethnic group’ and they also call people who dislike islam RACISTS. So who is ignorant NOW? dumbass. Also they are not approximately 25% of the worlds population, that is a lie, and lastly – YOU’RE A DUMBASS. For god’s sake, they still own slaves, women are treated like cattle, and muslims from ANY country commit vast amounts of violence and rape in europe, and particularly scandinavian countries, how dare you call us ignorant. You live here? hell no.

      1. Yes. The remote parts of ANY country in the world have bad practices. I’m sure there are places in “islam” that have slaves.
        There are places in middle america that are backwards too and treat their women badly and hate black people.
        racism/violence/rape/murder of any kind is disgusting. Blame the individuals, not the whole race!!!

  32. Anywhere you put non whites it’s the same thing, raping white girls. In America the press never allows the daily stories of blacks raping white girls but every cop in the world knows it. Look at the real crime stories anytime at THUGREPORT.COM and you can see for yourself.

    The irony is that the majority of girls raped are liberals who have been taught not to avoid the criminal non whites by their parents so essentially it is the parents who are responsible for leading their own children to the slaughter.

    1. this is ridiculous, my bf is black, in FACT three rapes that unfortunately happened to people I know where by WHITE males, my parents taught me to judge people BASED ON THEIR ATTITUDE/VALUES, NOT their skin colour OH and CHECK your statistics before you comment please IN THE USA “Out of the 194,270 cases involving white victims, 44.5% had white offenders and 33.6% had black offenders”

      1. Click here for more. Department of Justice document Criminal Victimization in the United States, 2005: In Table 42, entitled “Personal crimes of violence, 2005, percent distribution of single-offender victimizations, based on race of victims, by type of crime and perceived race of offender,” we learn that there were 111,590 white victims and 36,620 black victims of rape or sexual assault in 2005. (The number of rapes is not distinguished from those of sexual assaults; it is maddening that sexual assault, an ill-defined category that covers various types of criminal acts ranging from penetration to inappropriate touching, is conflated with the more specific crime of rape.) In the 111,590 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was white, 44.5 percent of the offenders were white, and 33.6 percent of the offenders were black. In the 36,620 cases in which the victim of rape or sexual assault was black, 100 percent of the offenders were black, and 0.0 percent of the offenders were white. The table explains that 0.0 percent means that there were under 10 incidents nationally.

        The table does not gives statistics for Hispanic victims and offenders. But the bottom line on interracial white/black and black/white rape is clear:

        In the United States in 2005, 37,460 white females were sexually assaulted or raped by a black man, while between zero and ten black females were sexually assaulted or raped by a white man. What this means is that every day in the United States, over one hundred white women are raped or sexually assaulted by a black man.”

      2. Oh my goodness, the first sane person on this site!!! well said!

  33. “If the battle for civilization comes down to the wimps versus the barbarians, the barbarians are going to win.” Thomas Sowell

  34. I never had a daughter, but if I did and she was raped, I’d hunt the perps down and kill them myself.

    That girl is gone now, her life ruined by a few pieces of human debris.

    It is said there is a time for everything… now is the time to kill.

    1. Letting the police take action and handle crime according to the rue of law is the only course of action one should take.

      1. YEAH – BLAH BLAH – shit i’m stupid etc etc. BLAH BLAH

        Man that city already has SEVERAL unsolved gang rapes perpetrated by arab muslims, and they will never be solved. The police here don’t do SHIT, and the sentences received for under 18 might not even include jail !!! MURDERERS might get 2 years, you don’t know what you are talking about. Authorities here are SHIT.

    2. So, you’re a murderer.
      Cos you want to kill….. GROSS!!


  36. First of all, let’s not fall into hatred. It only makes things worse.
    However, these things, apparently, happen more often:

    I saw a video of, apparently, a Turkish youth, who’s describing in detail how he and six (!) of his friends raped a teenage VIRGIN girl (Video in German). Let me guess: It wasn’t a Turkish girl.

  37. Happy birthday that was yesterday, Eva. I miss you insanely much! I hope you feel better off where you are now. I love you. You’re finally safe again, and can sleep without any nightmares. Rest in peace, bestfriend ♥ We’ll meet soon, I promise.

  38. These anti-Muslim comments terrify me. They are exactly the same type of comments made about the Jews before the genocide started. To hate a whole culture because of the actions of a few is so wrong. Do you hate all white people because of Charles Manson, Jack the Ripper, Aileen Wurnos etc? I think what these 3 men did was despicable, but don’t turn it into a war of the religions/races. Have we learnt nothing from our ancestor’s mistakes?

    1. What as load of nonsense. Islam is the only ideology in existence that has a billion followers and openly calls for the murder of unbelievers if they fail to convert. You are mixing apples and oranges here.

    2. SHUT up idiot. Are you seriously bringing up a killer from over 100 years ago? this is ALREADY A WAR of ISLAM AGAINST EUROPE.

      YOU need to read some history before you speak. Muslims have invaded Europe before, every country they live in USED to belong to ‘someone else’ and Thomas Jefferson had to send the navy after them for taking American soldiers as slaves, AND the ottoman empire demanded a TRIBUTE PAYMENT of 20% of the USA’S GDP, WHICH WAS PAID!!! Thomas Jefferson was a senator at the time and voted against paying, but was overruled, and when he became president, he kicked their ass.

      You are so fucking ignorant. In Sweden and Denmark the IMAM’s tell their followers that Swedish women are whores, and they should rape swedish women not muslim women; that any woman with no headscarf is ASKING for rape; and also that muslim men have the right to do whatever they want to the women here because of their actions of ‘behaving sexy’

      about 90% of ALL CONVICTS in Sweden are immigrants like this. 90% !!!! You have NO CLUE – Blonde Swedish women are dying their hair black to avoid RAPE, man, they are assaulting us daily, burning schools, cars, throwing rocks at buses.

      This is not an offense from us, this is a defense. I don’t know where you are from, but you have NO CLUE.

      1. Where do you read your history Rebeccas smith?
        Everyone invaded everyone at some point. England invaded everyone!
        SO does that mean all english people need to be punished forever?
        Or only muslims?

        1. hey shelly . after reading everyones comments, now i really know why jihadis were born . these sick people made them

          1. Hey Shelly2, blaming the victims is the product of a sick mindset.

          2. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

  39. who here who is WHITE has actually read the koran? If you had you would realize that there is NOTHING in the koran that promotes violence, in FACT it openly discourages violence, and deems it a SIN. Misinterpretation of ANY religious text, INCLUDING the BIBLE has always lead to people using it to their advantage to excuse horrific actions. Just look at what WHITE CHRISTIANS did, and STILL do to gay people, women (YES OUR OWN WHITE WOMEN), AS WELL AS OTHER RELIGIONS. I think it is appalling, untrue and entirely absurd for you to hate an ENTIRE religion and race based on a few BIASED facts. FOR EXAMPLE, I am from canada, THREE of my friends have been raped, BY WHITE CANADIAN men, in FACT one of them was actually picked up and taken to the hospital by a middle eastern man (also to get your messed up facts right, middle eastern/african does NOT MEAN THEY ARE MUSLIM, thats like saying everyone in europe is christian). As well, doe you really think that treating violence with violence works? You are doing the same to them they did to you, if you really want them to pay for what they did then let them rot in jail, DON’T be like them and go out and do the SAME to their people as they are doing to you. You think it would be okay for white males to do this horrific act to a muslim girl?? and YES it has HAPPENED MANY times. Rape happens everywhere ragardless of rape, I can’t walk down certain streets either not because of MUSLIM men, but because of certain MEN in general. Have some decency and don’t exaggerate/discriminate based on things you don’t even READ, like the koran. Hate these men for the CRIME they committed, not their race/religion. Last time I checked it wasn’t a crime to be a certain colour, or practice a certain religion.

    1. Quit lying Emma, it’s not doing your cause any good. Click here about Koranic verses that promote violence.

      1. “The Quran contains at least 109 verses that call Muslims to war with nonbelievers. Some are quite graphic, with commands to chop off heads and fingers and kill infidels wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the fight are called ‘hypocrites’ and warned that Allah will send them to Hell if they do not join the slaughter.

        Unlike nearly all of the Old Testament verses of violence, most of the verses of violence in the Quran are open-ended, meaning that they are not restrained by the historical context of the surrounding text. They are part of the eternal, unchanging word of Allah, and just as relevant or subjective as anything else in the Quran.

        Unfortunately, there are very few verses of tolerance and peace to abrogate or even balance out the many that call for nonbelievers to be fought and subdued until they either accept humiliation, convert to Islam, or are killed. Muhammad’s own martial legacy and the remarkable stress on violence found in the Quran have resulted in a trail of blood and tears across world history.” -and they call their religion non-violent?

    2. You are right Emma

      I personally know the Guys who did that and No of them are Muslims GUYS why should this Publisher have to lie to say Muslims Boys??? When Behring Breivik killed 92 people in Oslo and Utøya island why didnt you SAY a Christain MAN killed 92 peopel coz he was a Christian …..Islam is for peace and from GOD not from any MAN.we all have to say what we know about.

      1. Hey Larry, Breivik was not a Christian, he said so himself…so why would you pretend that he was?

  40. Seriously makes me hysterical to see how these muslim bastards get away with everything because of their so-called “religion”. The men think they can get away with everything! How dare they even enforce their laws here! Who the hell do they think they are?! They’re not even from Europe in the first place, hence they don’t belong here! We need to stand up for what is ours and protect our people from pigs like these! That girl had her whole life ahead of her and these pigs broke her down, they know it’s the worst thing for a female especially a child! Sverige är vår, inte deras!

  41. It is very sad to read the article. Immigrants do not respect the other culture. I ‘m in the eastern part of the world at the moment . There you will not have such rights how they are having in Europe. Forget about that, you are not muslim. Most of those guys are really pervert in mind and crazy about sex. You are dressing in a very humble manner but it makes no difference for them. But who is going to be blamed? of course it will be a “western” girl. Her blue eyes might have provocated them. They do not have intellect at all when they are blaming others. They cant control themselves because they dont know what is respect for women. They should stop to dress women like pinguins in their countries. It will not help. It goes from education and doctrine. The problem is not with western women in most cases, the problem with those shit men.

  42. I left Islam and I do not want to be part of any religion!

  43. There are 1000s of women that get raped every day in every country but the news headlines only mention the attacker’s religion if they are Muslim when in fact most rapes are commited by Christians. This is a terrible tragety but using it as a political tool to spread hate is even more discusting. How would you like it if all the headlines mentioned the attacker’s religion such as White Women Rapped by Catholic Boys or Women Rapped By Born Again Christian Boys”. It happens all the time.

    Rape is not about sex, it’s a power and hate. These boys were lashing out to get revenge on how they are made to feel. They did a terrible thing and should fry for it but understanding where all the hate and frustration comes from is the first step in prevention. Stereotyping all Muslims as terrorists is the same thing as saying Ted Bundy and Jeffery Dommer were serial killers so that means all Americans are serial killers.

    1. Hi Gary, if you look at it in a simplistic, disingenuous way, then yeah, someone could buy into your argument. The fact is, Islam’s treatment of the non-Muslim allows the Muslim to think that raping an infidel is no big deal, they aren’t committing a serious crime like raping a Muslim girl, according to their belief system. That why Muslim girls are not getting the same treatment by these rape gangs.

      It’s the same as honor murders. Yes non-Muslims murder their spouses in fits of rage, but they never get whole families to be in on the murders, this is the difference in the mindset. It’s totally acceptable for a Muslim male/family to get their honor back by offing the deemed besmircher of the family honor. So to the rapist doesn’t believe he’s doing something wrong in raping non-Muslim girls, he’s just raping an infidel.

  44. A brutal gang rape is a brutal gang rape…I fail to see what the ethnic and/or religious persuasion of the perpetrators has to do with the crime, unless you are suggesting that gang rape is unique to certain ethno-religious males ( it isn’t ). If 3 white Christians brutally gang rape a young girl, does that make ALL white Christians culpable for the crime?
    Your conclusion is that Islam compels certain muslims to rape women or that their culture promotes it…well, what then is the white Christian or atheist’s excuse when he rapes?
    I’m afraid your reasoning won’t wash as long as men of all types rape women. In fact you appear to be an apologist for rape, as you explicitly state that the girl was raped BECAUSE the men were muslim & not because they made a choice, out of their own freewill, to rape the girl.
    No dogmatic religious upbringing or cultural background compels a man to rape a woman…if that were so, all muslims would be rapists & all rapists muslims.

    1. the relation to the rapes with Islam, is that Islam allows/condones the rapes of non-muslim women.

      1. Very true & sad. It’s not a religion of peace.

  45. Rubbish, this has everything to do with politics, it’s the left wing filth that brought all this multiculturalism on Europe and with it the control mechanism of political correctness and the politisization of the institutions of each nation that ensures nothing gets done so the problem escalates. Left wingers have been covering up their failed sick ideology for years and they should hang for what they’ve done.

  46. Fake. Fake propaganda. What the hell has the world come to?

  47. Why are some people in the media so scared of these Muslim scumbags? Why are people scared to call a spade a spade? Are they waiting for their daughters to be raped by these Muslim terrorists to speak out? VERY SAD INDEED.

  48. this dead girl is a perfect symbol for what is happening to our western world vs. the colored immigrants . These people don’t care that they destroy something beautiful, fragile and admireable…as long as they can satisfy they animal- like, selfish needs….hey it’ s tought to them from childhood!The only thing they respect is theit own kin,only because they socially put a heavy repression on it to keep it straight.
    I also advise to stop putting Hitler onto the stand whenever this probelmatic comes up…it doesn’t add any value to the discussion.Hitler led a land that was in a deep economically need,and tried to solve it by conquering europe.If you compare that to the islam,the islam has more touching points than the people who live where the islamics settle . the “needs” islamics have are provoqued by the same coran they all adore… and they happily shove these koran texts in your face to justify their deeds.
    Politicians most of the time just ignore the problems of the multishit society, because most of the time these people also are linked into big companies and such , so their selfish interest is more in having cheap employees and and left -let’s all believe the world is pink-votes…the rest is actually not important …more like irrelevant to them.They also know very well if things really get out of control, they have the financial abilities to bail out with ease and in comfort….all the rest are mere unimportant quarrels to them and is just taking too much effort from them, draining away too much energy from fulfilling their agenda.. Someone who nowadays still believes people go into politics for socail reasons is just plain naive.
    In the second world war, if someone shot the intruder, you were called a pariot.
    If you do the same today, you’re branded as a racist…why? because politicians say that’s the “right”( more like the left) way to be a ” correct” citizen…serving their needs.

  49. The reason why this shakes up som many reactions is because people, sometimes without realising,are aware that this dead girl is a perfect symbol for what is happening to our western world vs. the colored immigrants . These people don’t care that they destroy something beautiful, fragile and admireable…as long as they can satisfy they animal- like, selfish needs and ideas….hey it’ s tought to them from childhood on!The only thing they respect is their own kin,and only because they socially put a heavy repression on it to keep it straight.
    I also advise to stop putting Hitler onto the stand whenever this probelmatic comes up…it doesn’t add any value to the discussion.Hitler led a land that was in a deep economically need,and tried to solve it by conquering europe.If you compare that to the islam,the islam has more touching points than the people who live where the islamics settle . the “needs” islamics have are provoqued by the same coran they all adore… and they happily shove these koran texts in your face to justify their deeds.
    Politicians most of the time just ignore the problems of the multishit society, because most of the time these people also are linked into big companies and such , so their selfish interest is more in having cheap employees and and left -let’s all believe the world is pink-votes…the rest is actually not important …more like irrelevant to them.They also know very well if things really get out of control, they have the financial abilities to bail out with ease and in comfort….all the rest are mere unimportant quarrels to them and is just taking too much effort from them, draining away time and energy from fulfilling their agenda.. Someone who nowadays still believes people go into politics for socail reasons is just plain naive.
    In the second world war, if someone shot the intruder, you were called a pariot.
    If you do the same today, you’re branded as a racist…why? because politicians say that’s the “right”( more like the left) way to be a ” correct” citizen…serving their needs.

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