Two Finns are listed as the signees to this despicable op-ed, Erkki (Ol’Scruffy) Tuomioja, the one who likened Israeli politics to that of the Nazis, and Elizabeth Rehn, a UN hack bureaucrat and feckless promoter of human rights. These people are the most pompous arses around, and they’re so, ..’intellectual’ and oh so.. ‘progressive’. KGS

NOTE: Oh, and these same morons wouldn’t want to have these genocidal maniacs living right next to them, just for the Jews thank you.

NOTE: Makes you want to pound nails into your forehead rather than to listen to them drone on about universal peace and coexistence with the likes of genocidal murderers.

A new Palestinian government is expected to be formed soon as a result of the agreement recently signed between the main Palestinian factions — Fatah and Hamas. The new, transitional government composed of independent figures will be tasked to pave the way for the holding of parliamentary and presidential elections in May 2012.

Palestinian reconciliation is part of the momentous changes sweeping through the Middle East. Brokered by Egypt following its own revolution and reflecting a strong public desire to overcome the four-year long internal rift, Palestinian unity is a fruit of the “Arab Spring.”

As former international leaders and peace negotiators, we have learnt first-hand that achieving a durable peace requires an inclusive approach. We consider it of vital importance that the international community supports Palestinian unity and avoids any steps that could jeopardise the fragile reconciliation process. In particular, we urge the United States and the European Union to constructively engage with the transitional government as well as with the Palestinian leadership that results from the elections next year. This is imperative for the following reasons:

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