Mega-Mosque mosques

Close sesame…….

Mosque Busters!


Now this is service. A British barrister has offered his services free of charge to anyone who wishes to fight plans for construction of a Mosque in England. All he needs, is for anyone who wishes his services, to contact their local planning council and see if there is a request to build a new mosque in that area, and then contact him and let him know.

If he gets the request early enough to act on it, he will do so on his own dime and with a fresh and important approach. Please check this video from his website.

This is an exciting development I think. Someone actually willing to risk their professional careers to fight for the continuation of secular liberal Western democracy. These are the kinds of guts we need a great deal more of. If anyone reading this is aware of any plans to construct a Mosque in England, please contact Gavin right away. If anyone can afford to help him out with a few dollars to help him cover his expenses for these kinds of fights I am guessing that would be accepted gratefully as well.

I will be following this man’s efforts closely. I have a suspicion there are great headlines in his future.

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