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Only the capital of the Jewish state seems continually up for grabs by the rest of the world, who choose to determine for them, what city is actually the capital of the Jews. Disgusting and racist mindset. KGS

Netanyahu at Jerusalem Day PM: Divided J’lem ‘suffocates,’ united J’lem ‘blossoms’

06/01/2011 13:38

In special Jerusalem Day Knesset session, Livni slams politicization of capital city, Rivlin says J’lem still treated like a divided city.

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu emphasized the importance of Jerusalem’s unity during a special Knesset plenum session on Wednesday, Jerusalem Day.

Netanyahu said that “like many Israelis, many Knesset members are too young to remember how Jerusalem looked when it was divided, when there was a wall four stories high in the middle of Jaffa Street.”

Before the Six Day War, Netanyahu explained, Jerusalem was “suffocating, a city that did not develop, that was frozen.”

“That changed after Jerusalem was united under Israeli sovereignty,” the prime minister added. “Jerusalem is breathing and blossoming. Jerusalem is developing as one town.”

Netanyahu cited new developments in Jerusalem, including a new train line into the capital and a biotechnology center, and said that much-needed new schools are being constructed in Arab neighborhoods.

“All this secures the future of Jerusalem,” the prime minister said. “We often talk about the city’s past, but we need to appreciate what is being done in the present.”

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