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One of the very first signs that the inevitable is soon upon us, the first breakaway from the Euro, just like the TT has warned for some time now. KGS


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  1. If you look at one of the much utilized exchange rate pages, (, you will also see the Greek Drachma now listed – and they show US 1$ = 236.468 Drachma!!! I’m rich!! I’m rich, rich!
    I am sure that these money market managers have inside knowledge, and it seems to me that – because of the huge EC and IMF loan on which they will default and because of the severe austerity program and because of the volatile political unrest – … that Greec will leave the EU and go back to its old currency the Drachma… I say Hooray for Greece… the EU is a waste of time and being run by UNELECTED officials who love pigging out at the trough.

  2. Good news for the ordainary European citizen, the ‘little guy’ who always gets screwed by these so-called ‘plans’. Bad news for the ‘Throne in Brussels’ the seat of the unelected dactait’ and it’s harsh goverance, devoid of any representation to or answering to the will of the people. IMHO it won’t be long now for other EU countries to bail out of this failed ‘union’ benefitting only the powerful in the governments and the finnancial instutions, leaving only the crumbs for the citizen. Bigger is not always better, each European country and their citizens usually know what is best for them.

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