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Oh, that will endear the good folks of Virginia to the mohammedan faith, bending over backwards to a prisoner from the ROP when they have never done so for any other inmate. It’s Islam folks, the government is scared stiff of running afoul of the US government under an Obama administration. KGS
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Va. inmate’s win in suit against government a rarity

The Virginian-Pilot
© May 15, 2011

Rashid Qawi Al-Amin succeeded where thousands of Virginia prison inmates before him have failed: He prevailed in a lawsuit against the government.

Al-Amin won a settlement with the state that forces the prison system to supply him, and the Greensville Correctional Center library, with Muslim reading materials, CDs and DVDs. He’ll also receive $2,000.

Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli’s office decided to settle the seven-year legal battle after a series of court rulings in Al-Amin’s favor. The state admitted no wrongdoing in the settlement but did agree to perform eight different acts to satisfy Al-Amin’s claims.

The case highlights a trend among state and federal prisoners, many of them converted Muslims, fighting for their rights to practice their faith.

In 1989, Al-Amin, then known as Donald Tracey Jones, was convicted in Norfolk Circuit Court of murder and use of a firearm, and sentenced to 52 years in prison. Police said the shooting was drug-related. Jones, a New York native, was in his early 20s at the time. He’s scheduled to be released in 2016.

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  1. Ah, a convert. Out of all people, converts are the weirdest.

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