Thanks to Tundra Tabloids’ tipster, Sisu. This Pakistani-Norway connection explains a lot, why Norway is so damn headstrong in defending every kind of third world Islamic movement, they have their own fundamustard in parliament helping to lead the way.  Sane Norwegians have to regain their country back from these freaking Marxists, and soon. KGS

Another feather in Akhtar Chaudhry’s cap

* Committed to strengthening ties between Norway and Pakistan

Staff Report

ISLAMABAD: There are numerous unsung heroes and sons of soil, toiling day in and day out, to keep the Pakistani pride in foreign lands, but the number is very low of those who get the slightest recognition from their motherland.

Akhtar Chaudhry, currently serving as deputy speaker of Norwegian parliament is one of those lucky ones whose rise to prominence has not only been acknowledged by the incumbent government in Pakistan but he has also been conferred on with one of the highest civilian award ie Sitar-e-Quaid-i-Azam on 23rd March at the Presidency.

Seen by many, as the role model in Pakistan and many others as a prime example of openness of the Norwegian society, Chaudhry believes that being a minority in the foreign lands and a reputable political offices in the parliament shows the multiculturalism and diversity of the western world especially that of the Scandinavian region.

Hailing from humble background of Lahore, Chaudhry migrated to Norway in 1982 and besides starting his professional career he joined the Pakistan Norwegian Welfare Organisation in Oslo in 1986-87. After starting as a secretary of a welfare organisation, Chaudhry climbed all the political as well as professional stairs in Norwegian society to rise to the office of deputy speaker of parliament within a span of 29 years. Declared as one of the top ten immigrant roll models in Norway, Chaudhry still believes that he holds the love for Pakistan and its causes very close to his heart. Being member of the Socialist Left Party, Chaudhry is an active member in social development and plans to strengthen ties between the two countries in social development sector, especially in education and health.

Talking to various delegates at a reception hosted by the Ambassador of Royal Norwegian Embassy in Islamabad Robert Kvile, Chaudhry hoped that one day Pakistan would live up to the expectations of its founding father, Quaid-i-Azam and would learn to honour the great contributions of various minorities in the development of Pakistan.

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