"Waycism" Anti-Islam

Bulgarians fight back. A great day!

Before anyone rushes to judge me for this headline, allow me to state a few obvious things that seem to go missing in the modern narrative.

1. Islam is a belief system and consequent behaviours. It is not racist to oppose it any more than it is racist to oppose Republicans or communists or any other voluntary group defined by beliefs etc.

2. Muslims world wide always, without question, discriminate against all other non-Muslim groups, and against women Muslim or not, once they have the population required to achieve enough force to do so, area by area, increment by increment. So opposing it’s growing power in a non-Muslim land is always a good thing for liberalism.

3. Wherever there are massive street prayers by Muslims laws are broken. People cannot access public property and even indeed their own till the Muslims are good and finished with their demonstration of strength. And that is what these are. Prayer in any sense we are familiar with can be done in the privacy of one’s own home or in a temple of some kind. It does not need to happen ‘en masse’ and at the expense of all other peoples and activities in the area. This is why it is a demonstration of Islamic power, and not a religious service.

Press TV attempts desperately to use the language of victim politics to make this clip look like Muslims are ‘The New Jews’. It is critical to remember that Jews were being killed based on the criteria that they had one Jewish grandparent. It did not matter what religion they followed or whether they were loyal to the state or not. With Islam, it is a matter of opposing an ideology and its associated behaviours and consequences. This is critical for the preservation of any culture, other than Islamic, world wide.

For an interesting peek at the history of Bulgaria and Islam read this. (thank you Les) Gates of Vienna has this to say:

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  1. thanks for adding the “read this” link, I like but shudder at reading those primary source accounts, wow
    (also, thanks to the above commenter for the superb Sam Solomon/Ezra Levant interview)

  2. This is only the beginning. Let the muslims has a centimeter and you are lost. They only know dominance and lies. Stop them NOW or you will not be around later!

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