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It’s going to be fun to watch the ad hoc faux conservative lead government try to run government with over a half of its members being a bunch of commie Marxists. Good move by the True Finns, the bailouts are going to go bust and the country stuck politically due to the Leftist extremists in it.

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  1. It speaks volumes about the Finnish so-called democracy when the so-called conservatives want to lead a government that includes all three leftist parties (Greens, Left and Social Democrats). You really can’t go any further than that. Katainen just wants to be the Prime Minister no matter what.

    The faux conservative National Coalition Party lost votes among other established parties. They didn’t lose as much as others because they also gained votes from the greens who think that their party has gone too loony.

    Balancing the budget will be very difficult with the kind of “bazaar coaltion” we are about to get.

    1. Hi Vasarahammer, I posted two posts on exactly that, spot on. There is no conservative party here in Finland, the National Coalition has been thoroughly subverted.

  2. From the above, am I to understand that the True Finns are the only genuine Conservative Party in present day Finnish politics?

    In which case the party has a good future – maybe not the exponential growth we have seen from 4 or 5 seats to 39, but we can expect even more seats when 2015 comes around.

    Good things are worth waiting for.

    Also congratulations to Finland in winning the world ice hockey – I don’t know much about the game but that wrap around goal where the young 19 year old tipped the puck up and just under the top of the net was truly amazing.

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