The Socialists of Europe never rest. Ever since the implosion of the USSR, the Marxists who used to lead major political organs in former communist states, that have since been admitted into the EU, are the ones behind the federalization.

These unrepentant Marxists are behind the EU’s massive and ever expanding bureaucracy. They’re also behind the project of multiculturalism, that focuses on the flooding of Europe with Muslims from authoritarian states (or at least responsible for going full throttle) that’s then enforced by the policy of political correctness (Read=cultural Marxism).

It’s not a conspiracy because it’s openly being done before our very eyes, all the while the architects of the project play a shuck and jive with the people of Europe. They give fancy sounding names to projects that are meant to integrate areas with absolutely no connection to European values, all the while putting a smiling face on it all.

They rob national parliaments of their sovereignty, hide their institutionalized corruption, all the while speaking about promoting democracy and transparency of government. Finland back in the late 90’s, worked for transparency of government in trying to remove the “sauna culture of politics”, where under the table political dealings were done in the sauna, which meant they fell under the radar screen of public scrutiny, as well as effectively locking women out of the decision making process.

The EU is far worse than that, and more so. Here are only but a few examples of the statists at work, who plot and plan your futures for you, without giving a toss what you may think about it. Thanks to Fjordman for the links. KGS

NOTE: The Euro-Med project is in part, the means by which Europe has allowed itself to be overrun by Muslims, and the EU federalization project the means by which the nation state parliament reduced to being nothing more than appendages while Brussels Marxist/socialist policies are implemented (ramrodded through) throughout Europe.

Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists & Democrats
in the European Parliament

More here.

Also: Euro-Med: Regional Projects South

EU cooperation with partners on a regional basis, as well as cooperation among the partners themselves, is considered important. It complements national assistance programmes, addresses challenges with a regional dimension and promotes cooperation among partners on issues of mutual interest.

Issues such as protection of the environment, tackling sea pollution, fighting organized crime and terrorism, and gender support are cross-cutting and have no borders. They can only be tackled through cooperation at a regional level.

The priority areas for regional co-operation with the South have been defined in the European Commission’s Regional Strategy Paper (2007-2013) and Regional Indicative Programme (2007-2010) for the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership.


(ANSAmed) – BRUSSELS, MAY 13 – The new project ”Integrated Maritime Policy for the Mediterranean” (IMP-MED) funded by the EU in the framework of the Euromed Transport programme has opened its regional office in Tunis, from which all project activities will be coordinated. According to the Enpi website (, the project, funded with a budget of 1.5 million euros, seeks to promote an integrated approach to maritime issues in the Mediterranean among EU and southern partner countries: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, the Palestinian Territories, Israel and Syria. The project’s main task is to provide support to states interested in developing a national integrated maritime policy and identification of coordinated actions in the maritime sector at the regional level. Launched in November 2010, the IMP-MED project aims at improving the governance of maritime affairs in the Mediterranean basin and seeks to establish an agreed framework in this field in cooperation with Southern partner countries.

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