The Tundra Tabloids publishes this comment by a Norwegian named Alex, who comments to an earlier post about the rise of anti-Semitism in Norway. Anti-Semitism in Norway is undeniable, but it’s great to hear from Norwegians who not only admit to that fact, but ask for continued international help in criticizing their politicians and government.

Are Norwegians as Alex claims, “predominantly pro-Israel”? The Tundra Tabloids can’t say for sure, but there’s no doubt however that pro-Israel sentiment there exists. The TT receives emails from Norwegians all the time, who feel forced to express their support from the shadows.

The Left in Norway need to be decisively defeated in the polls, and the only people that can do that are the Norwegians themselves. That kind of support would be worth more than any number of people demonstrating in the streets. KGS

Alex: This assessment by Bawer is correct up to the part when he involves the populace in this charade. The cultural leftist elite are controlling the media and by that they cover up the opinions of the ordinary Norwegians. We are predominantly pro-Israel, but to say so in public is social suicide.

The parties that have the most islamofriendly views only has about 7% of the votes, so in fact approx 10-15% of Norwegians are pro-palestinian. Problem is when the media is controlled by the same people, they make it seem as if they are 50% or more. Also the ones doing public rallies are the pro-palestinians, the other groups are being stigmatized and threatened by these people and no reaction is made against this behavior.

The Norwegian people are being kept hostage by its own media and the ruling government. They know that the only way to keep the people voting for them is to “import” new voters and make it seem in the media that their politics is the only right one. All the Norwegian journalists writes about the Progress Party in a negative way, saying that their politics would spell doom for Norway. If a lie is repeated enough times, the simple minded will believe it.

The true opinions amongst the Norwegian populace is shown in the bloggers community. Here people can express their views anonymously, without fear of physical violence or social stigma. Here the overwhelming majority are skeptic toward the muslim immigration and they recognize the fact that Israel is the only democracy in the middle-east. Even if the media may make it seem we are antisemitic, the real truth is quite the opposite.

What we need is more criticism from our own allies towards our media and our government, and more emphasis on showing the dangers of the muslim immigration.


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  1. “We are predominantly pro-Israel, but to say so in public is social suicide.”
    So what! Are there no brave people left in Norway? Have all the Vikings migrated to better lands? Take courage and stand up for Israel.
    An old seafaring Goth.

    1. First I’d like to thank KGS for using my comment.


      We have moved on to embrace the Judeo-Christian faith, and that teaches “love thy neighbor” not “bash his head in”. The social suicide comes from your friends, your co-workers, your boss etc. People need food on their tables(vikings did eat), and the prices in Norway are steep. Had this been 1000 years ago we could gather a ragged band and go berserk in a mushroom frenzy. Today we’d be locked up before we could do any good.

      If I had a steady stream of money pouring in to my account, I’d go out in public and write columns all day. I would need to know my sons future and my own was secure economically before I would embark on such an endeavor. I am not afraid of the physical threats, those would only serve in favor of the cause.

      1. It sounds as a voice from a battered man. To show kindness to evil will bring evil to the kind. Because you don’t voice out you concern for Israel, others will suffer. If you stand for what is right you will be loved by good people and hated by bad people. New and better opportunities for you and your family will arise. This is Judeo-Christian thinking.

        I hope my Scandinavian brothers at home will wake up from their slumber.

        1. Yes, you are right. And you may call me battered all you want, but how does it help me to stand on the barricades alone. My son would starve and the “better opportunities” could come after we both had starved to death. It’s easy to moralize when it’s not your life that’s on the line.

          When the good things are portrayed as bad(by the elite) and believed to be bad(by the public), doing good will be understood as bad. Then you’d be chased by the very people you came to enlighten. This is exactly what happened to Jesus.

          Even though the Norwegians are predominately pro-Israel, for the most part they are preoccupied with problems inside our own borders. When SV(junior governmental partner) goes out and attacks Israel, the public doesn’t react, the reason is two-fold. One: The media covers it and the article vanishes fast or is never published at all. Two: We are so used to this rhetoric that we no longer react, this is seen as a compliance to said rhetoric.

          This is why I call for more pressure from the outside, and specifically from our allies.

          Also it’s important to note that most Norwegians are not hard-line lovers of Israel. They are more in favor of Israel than the dictatorships that surround them. The hard-liners are few and far between on both sides. Also it’s easier to say you are pro-palestinian in public, because that is politically correct, so you never know who is what.

          I am not Jesus, nor do I imply I have the moral character he had. Had I not had a son I could risk all the more. This is why I said that if I was rich, or was paid for being a pro-Israel speaker I’d do it. Right now I don’t know if I’d get to keep my job if I’d go out in the media. With the introduction of the data storage directive the government can spy on regular citizens, making it all the more difficult to have your own site anonymously.

          1. Thank you for your reply. I am taken aback by your honesty and openness. It is rare to meet Scandinavians of your calibre.

            I am 67 years old from Sweden and have spent most of my life at sea and live abroad. What you are telling about Norway of today is frightening. Now, I believe it is not better in Sweden.

            The difference between me and people which are settled permanently in Scandinavia is that I have not been influenced by the Nordic media and surroundings. My spirit is free.

            I hope and encourage you to continue your struggle. You cannot lose.

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