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Only a rare politician and party would dare to declare such a thing, besides, it was smart politics. The aid packages to Portugal, Greece and who knows, even Spain in the future will come to haunt this newly formed government. They own it all, big time. KGS

ALSO: This type of parliamentary politics is grossly unfair to the voter, who saw with their own eyes every single party loose seats in parliament (outside of the True Finns who gained 35) and yet the big losers will now form a government.

Source: YLE

He added that nothing had really changed in EU policy, as the alterations are only skin-deep.
“We will become the main opposition party,” said Soini.

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  1. The new found EU criticism of Social Democrats was only skin deep. Not only did the agreement contain merely cosmetic references to the “investor responsibility” but the party is federalist to the core. It was under the leadership of SDP Prime minister Paavo Lipponen when Finland joined the eurozone without a referendum.

    It turned out that Soini did not behave like Pekka Vennamo (former leader of Rural Party, predecessor of True Finns) who went in to the government without getting any concession. This was a surprise for me, since I thought Soini was after a seat in the government. It now looks like True Finns are here to stay and will gain even more seats in the next election after four years in the opposition.

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