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Hmmmmmmmmmm Doesn’t he know that Obama was born a Christian? -Sarcasm off- KGS

MEMRI: Sudanese Islamic Scholar Sheik ‘Atiyya Muhammad Sa’id Calls US President Obama an Apostate Who Must Be Executed, and Says: “The Path of Osama Bin Laden Is Our Path”

Following are excerpts from a statement by Sheik ‘Atiyya Muhammad Sa’id, a member of the Sudanese Islamic Scholars Association, at a rally, which was posted on the Internet on May 5, 2011:

Sheik ‘Atiyya Muhammad Sa’id: May Allah have mercy on Osama Bin Laden. May Allah place him along with the righteous and the martyrs, “on whom there shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.” He sought not this world, but the world to come.


Sheik ‘Atiyya Muhammad Sa’id: By Allah, the state of Islam will be established upon the land, whether the infidels like it or not, whether the Jews like it or not, whether that apostate… What’s his name… The one from America… Obama!

Obama is a Muslim who has left the fold of Islam. Hence, Allah, the angels, and all the people curse him. He is a real apostate. Obama is an apostate. Obama is an apostate. He left the fold of Islam…

Crowds: The apostate must be executed.

The apostate must be executed.

The apostate must be executed.

The apostate must be executed.

Sheik ‘Atiyya Muhammad Sa’id: Oh Muslims, oh the youth of Islam, the path of Osama Bin Laden is our path.

Crowds: Allah Akbar.

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  1. Kill, kill, kill, blah, blah, blah, kill, kill, kill. I don’t think I ever heard them say they love anybody other than when they mention mo and allah.

    1. I agree with both you and Raymond, there is no love in Islam, especially for the non-Muslim….just hate. It’s the exact opposite of the model in Christianity. Zero tolerance for anything not ISlamic, and street vigilantism for those who fall out of line.

  2. Exactly Doug, my thoughts on the matter too.

    It’s always the same dreary foaming at the mouth and threats of violence.

    You’d like to be able to say: Mate, just take it easy for a little while at least.

    Let’s have a quiet beer together – or coffee if you can’t imbibe alcohol because you’re so virtuous.

    After that let’s head off to a concert and listen to Mozart’s Claranet Concerto, Beethoven’s Pastoral Symphony – that happy lovely work – or even some of Schubert’s exquisite quartets.

    Surely then you’ll feel better, and less inclined to want to go out and wreak destruction on we kafirs?

    One lives in hope.

  3. Well I certainly do hope that bin Laden’s path is their path. bin Laden’s body is shark shit now, while his soul is sucking cocks in hell. May all his followers join him very soon.

  4. May their path be like bin laden’s path and their souls in hell and my the wrath of God fall among them

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