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Yes folks, what’s happening in the Islamic world is far worse than anything happening in the Catholic Church where pedophilia is concerned, because Islam approves of adult-child sexual relations. In many Muslim countries they call it marriage, but we call it rape, the sexual abuse of minors. This institutionalized form of rape was sanctioned by the founder of Islam, and central to the question of why it’s still tolerated in the Islamic world today. KGS

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Little girls end up as sex slaves for Saudis

Aftenposten: Girl Children between five and 12 years old are sold to wealthy men in Saudi Arabia, where they are held as sex slaves. When they reach maturity, and many are thrown on the street and they end quickly as a prostitute.


Save the Children appeal to the Norwegian and Swedish ministers take up the issue with their Saudi counterparts, and asks private companies to take up the exploitation of children when they hit their business.

– I am not surprised by the information about the existence of such traffic to Saudi Arabia and other countries in the region, particularly in light of that marriage with children is widespread and accepted, “said Sannah Johnson, regional director of the Middle East for the Swedish Save the Children.

A well-organized network of traffickers supplying the Arab market with child brides from the North African country of Mauritania, says U.S. diplomats. Retrieved as sex slaves in their thousands from Yemen, in addition to that there is an extensive sex industry in Yemen offering sex with minors to rich men from the Gulf states, the Wikileaks documents and Aftenposten Bergens Tidende has access to.

7. April 2009

An engaged woman meets an American diplomat in Mauritania’s capital Nouakchott. The day after the diplomat writes a report back to Washington. To start it:

“There is an increase in reports of trafficking of child brides to Saudi Arabia. The girls, usually between five and 12 years old, married off to wealthy Saudi men in exchange for hefty price tags for brides. As soon as they arrive in Saudi Arabia, they become sex slaves of their husbands. “

The engaged woman named Aminetou Mint El Moctar. Completely on their own, she has started a campaign to get the authorities in Mauritania to take the problem seriously. She will not even answer his letters and asks why the United States take up the issue internationally. At the U.S. embassy, ​​she finds one that finally listens.

Large sums of money

Aminetou Mint El Moctar says that traffickers seek out poor families to get them to marry off their daughters to wealthy Saudis. The younger girls are, the higher the price. A child bride can be paid with 5 – 6 million in the local currency ouguiya, equivalent to around 120 000. Local travel agencies, which in reality is a network of traffickers, organized traffic. The local agent receives a bonus paid by the girls’ future husbands. Amount of which depends on the girls’ age and beauty.

The embassy memo further states that “barnebrudene, as soon as they arrive in Saudi Arabia, the sex slaves of their husbands.” Aminetou explained that the girls, as they reach puberty and become pregnant, no longer of interest to their husbands. “They rolled on the street, and since they do not have any network, they have no other choice than to be prostitute.”


Officials from the U.S. embassy tells of a girl who for three years was locked in a room where she met with someone other than her Saudi husband and his maid. They also refer to an article in the Radio France International with a diploma from seven-year-old Mulheri exposed to traffickers and sold to Saudi Arabia.

At the same time victims of trafficking in danger of being prosecuted in Saudi Arabia. Mint El Moctar told diplomats that around 30 Mauritanian women are sentenced to imprisonment in Saudi Arabia to be a prostitute, even though they are victims of trafficking.

Mauritania has long refused to recognize the problem. Faced with U.S. diplomats have a representative of Mauritania Justice Department argued that “the trafficking of Mauritanian women do not exist and that human trafficking to Saudi Arabia is not possible because the country’s laws require that a woman can only travel accompanied by male family members.”

Death threats

According to the embassy note has Aminetou Mint El Moctar told she has “received death threats and she is called” liar, a crazy woman and a traitor who destroy Mauritania reputation. “

Aminetou Mint El Moctar was honored last year by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton just for his work against human trafficking and to put the problem of child brides on the agenda of the African country.
U.S. publishes reports on human trafficking in every country. About Saudi Arabia says the latest report from 2010:

“Many Saudis, including some representatives of government, continues to deny that some types of human trafficking takes place, particularly in cases involving sexual exploitation.”
Closed countries

Sanna Johnson in Swedish Save the Children lead the organization’s activities in the Middle East from his office in Beirut. She says that independent organizations can not escape to Saudi Arabia and that the country is very closed.

– We know well that the child workers and domestic workers are as good as legal rights in the country. They have no rights. The Kingdom has suggested that professionals employed in hospitals where women who have been victims of abuse, be received. This means that the government acknowledges that the problem exists, “says Johnson.

– There are things that are not acceptable as marriage of minors. It must be highlighted. I think the governments of Norway and Sweden should take it up with their Saudi counterparts, when the opportunity presents itself. But I also think private companies should take it up with their business partners in the country, “said Johnson.

– The large companies, such as in the arms industry, can have an extremely large impact, “she said.
Gift for a while

Johnson also refers to the widespread practice of so-called temporary marriages in the Arab countries. To circumvent the ban on sex outside marriage, included men in these countries temporary marriages with girls and young women from several countries.

There is also some evidence that the practice of child brides is becoming a controversial issue in Saudi Arabia’s quasi-rooms. Many of its citizens deplore the practice. A few examples are discussed in the country’s media:

A local judge in the town of Nejd in 2008 refused to overturn a marriage between an eight-year-old girl and her husband for fifty years. The girl’s father sold her to settle its debt to the man. A higher court granted a divorce in April 2009.

The government-affiliated Commission on Human Rights in Saudi Arabia was able to void a marriage between a 10 year old girl and a 60-year-old man.

A court in Bisha issued in October 2008, a divorce document to end a marriage between a 14-year-old girl and her 70 year old man.

In January 2009, won an 11-year-old girl presented with a case to get a marriage annulled by a 75-year-old man, held by the girl’s 70 year old father.

Sex tourism

In Saudi Arabia neighboring Yemen is the problem of sex tourism, human interest and child brides formidable. It attracted international attention when the 12 year-old Fawzia Abdullah Yousef died in childbirth 11 September 2009. She was married to a 24-year-old, only 11 years old.

According to a note from the Embassy of Yemen’s capital Sanaa, about 25 percent of all girls in the country married before the age of 15 years. Yemeni authorities have, to the United States, expressed frustration over how little Saudi Arabia is doing to combat human trafficking from Yemen to Saudi Arabia.

According to an embassy memo, thousands of children each year in Saudi Arabia, “where they face abuse and harsh living conditions.”

Local human rights groups say it was long common for Saudi Arabia imprisoned minors, and minors must also have been were decapitated. Since 2008, Saudi Arabia, however, returned several minors to Yemen, instead of taking them into custody.

That rich tourists from the Gulf states travel to Yemen to buy sex, is a public secret in Yemen. Underage prostitute working out of many of the hotels in the country.

The embassy memo states that “Saudi men travel to Yemen to establish relations with underage prostitute, sometimes in the form of temporary marriage.” One source says he knows of “at least three instances where Saudi men have married Yemeni women and then force them into prostitution in Saudi Arabia.”

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  1. I hate to say it but I think the only way to solve the Islamic problem is to bomb it off the planet.

    1. Yes, I have thought the same thing. Nuke Mecca, then cap it off with mountains of pig carcasses. This seems reasonable to me.

  2. I used to live in saudi arabia and came across the odd young girl who had been let loose, plenty of prostitutes as well if you knew where to look and as they had no iquana, they were easy pickings for the religious police who used to pick them up to teach them a lesson…

    1. Mr. Bates,
      Thank you very much for sharing this observation, sir. I spent the past 8 years as a soldier, and fought in Iraq through 2 tours, each one 12 months. I have been out of the Army for 4 months now, and I’m gathering information for a series of articles or perhaps even a book illustrating the fundamentally criminal tenets and actions of the islamic culture.
      Sir, I was wondering what you meant by “they had no iquana”? Also, if you have time, would you mind sending me an email just quickly explaining what sort of things the religious police did to the girls “to teach them a lesson” when they picked them up? Thank you!

      1. Johnny Infidel: The term used was incorrect. The document referred to is an Iqama. An Iqama is like a temporary resident permit, usually issued to people who have acquired a bona-fide job and is not a Saudi citizen. I worked in Saudi Arabia for four years on contract to a Government department from the UK.
        On issuing an Iqama for me (arranged and obtained for me by my sponsor company), which took about 4 weeks, my Passport had to be given to my sponsoring company: therefore, my only ID was the Iqama.
        I quietly raised an objection to this, as a Passport (especially a UK Passport, such as mine) should not be released to anyone or any agency – except the odd hotel (and then it is usally returned within a matter of minutes), or a UK Government official. My objection was ignored blatantly, even though I asked what would happen in an emergency – such as one of my relatives being on a death-bed in Canada and the sponsor company was closed for their weekend (Thursday and Friday in Saudi Arabia).
        So, that’s what an Iqama is. And the Iqama (very like passport size) is issued in different colours depending on what your job is and from which country you have come.
        I have seen young girls hauled off the street by the Religious Police (the Muttawe’en) for daring to be in public without an adult escort… they were then normally imprisoned and lashed (information from a Saudi Police offical whom I asked about this.)

  3. I can only think about my own daughter while reading this and it makes me SICK. Islam is a truly depraved ideology, and to do this to young girls shows the depth of 1400 years of moral bankruptcy and pure evil.

  4. It’s all Sunna: if prophet Mohammed did it, he is to be obeyed and imitated in all things for all time by believers – so says the holy Koran – 70-times! Know Mohamed, know Islam! It ain’t “moderate” or “extremist,” it’s Sunna! According to Islamic law, jihad is “a communal obligation,” with the few exemptions clearly defined.
    BTW: Mohammed was lusting after a newborn girl on his deathbed, but didn’t get to her. Sleep well.

    1. opar5
      I do not care what form of islam this takes, it is sub-human. I agree with the person that commented up top. Just bomb Makkah and the Kabbah, then drop pigs blood everywhere.

  5. You can buy Dinkas for $325 USD.Or you can get a bacha bazi,little boy that dresses as a girl and dances,those are popular with Afghanistan ,Pakistan and Egyptian military .This is how they avoid the gay punishment issue,your not gay if you bugger little boys.
    Do they still make boys eunuchs ? Last i heard of them was eunuch guards in Mecca in the 1990’s.

  6. The sick thing is these guys think they worship God, the reality is they are believers and follows of the male appendage. Islam offers the world nothing but sorrows and death.

  7. This is what we are supposed to tolerate? I don’t want to mix my life with this Islamic trash. Keep Islam inside the borders of the Stan’s, Ran’s and African countries not out loose in the Free and Civilized World. We’ve given into the sick practise of gay marriage next it’ll be the raping of our children.

    Dave the Canadian Capitalist

  8. You guys are more stupid than I thought you guys would be.

    KNOW Islam before you judge it.

    1. Truly a 100% Mustard generated comment.

      We know all there is to know about Islam Saeed, that’s why we oppose it so strongly. Give up on the desert madman and join the 21 century.

    2. Bilal Bin Saeed: I know islam, and I can tell you for a fact that it is NOT a religion, it is a cult. And a very dangerous cult to the civilised world.
      bin Saeed – did you know that your so-called “prophet” and “perfect man” was a 54 year-old adult when he took a fancy to a little girl of 6, named Aisha – and “played with her” at that age, and then married her, and then “consummated” his marriage to her when she reached the age of NINE? Depraved and psycholgically deranged behaviour, I would say. And you brainlessly follow this paedophile?
      No wonder little girls are so popular in islam? Off topic, but I often wonder whether little Maddie McCann is now a little “love” girl in some rich islam man’s home in some God-forsaken ialmic country? Just a thought – after all, little blond girls with peachy white skin are a favourite among muslims.

    3. Your comment perfectly fit as a Muslim guy.. A muslims can only talk like that (must be aggressive and ill mentality).

      If you want to learn Quran, pls come to me.. Grow up my friend.. how long you will live in that jungle life????

    4. Fuck you and islam, the demon god allah and all of your sick perversions such as pedophilia. Sick bastards. Female genital mutilation is forced by the religious police and they take those girls to Dr. Muzzara, and Egyptian cunt who slice the girls clitoris off and infibulates them without anesthetic.

    5. Hi, i dont agree with these comments But as muslims we havent given them any reason not to… Especially Saudia Arabia!

  9. As long as Muslims were practicing their sick habits in their own countries, it was what the Dutch call “far from my bed show”. Their habits were their own business. Our lives had turned into a nightmare ever since Europeans are compelled by pathological left wing ideologists to live next door to enrichers from other cultures. The ideology of ‘the melting pot’ and ‘brotherhood of men’ the way New Left of the Flower Power Generation had introduced, is as dangerous to our society as the barbarian cruel Sharia laws. Both try to force us to accept Islam with all the morbid side effects of it and make it part of our culture and civilization. Let them both go to hell.

  10. Sorry, Bilal bin Saeed, but Islam can no longer hide behind the ignorance of what you call the Infidel. The Internet makes it easy to find out about Islam. Most Islam’s critics site Islam’s sacred scripts to make their points about Islam. The problem that we have is NOT about the vast majority of Muslims, but about what Islam stands for in its sacred writings. Most Infidels are NOT interested in embracing these directives as a way of life.

  11. Bilal bin Saeed, thanks to reading the Quran, Westerners know what is in it. Thanks to scholars who have re-ordered its verses as they were “revealed,” and not in the order of the length of the verses, it is clear how Islam evolved from peaceful (when Mo was weakest) to violent (at the end of his life). Thanks to the internet and to scholars of Islam, more people are educated about Abrogation, kitman and Taquia. It’s getting harder to deceive us. Don’t cry “ignorance” at us. We question and examine and make up our own minds.

    1. Hear hear! Thanks Sol, well said! We can’t be fooled any longer. If Islam was really about peace and live and let live, we would not be having this discussion.

  12. I don’t claim to know Islam bc I don’t understand the Arabic language much but for all of you who say you’ve read and know Islam clearly you dont. You can’t just go to any site that claims to know Islam. The arabic language is to complex and can be translated in many ways. I’m just going to say two things: one the prophet peace be upon him married the young girl bc her family died in the war and she had nobody. He did so enabling himself to provide for her and he did not touch her until she was 19 I believe. Two do you know how much science there is in the Quran? Explanations of life that are just being discovered today? Two researchs who dedicated their lives to discovering things in life covereted to Islam bc it was found in the Quran. You all just judge and believe what you want bc it’s easier. And I can tell u all these ppl who practice islam that way are not Muslims. So unless your willing to take the time and effort to TRULY understand Islam don’t judge and make ignorant statements.

    1. Ketkoot, ‘the science’ you say is in the koran, would be laughed straight of any credited university or college in the West, except for one that’s funded with Muslim money that is. read this essay and get back to me.

  13. I just read about young boys being used as camel jockeys, and young girls being used as sex slaves in gulf countries. It was horrible. Dont know how, but i just want it to end. Kids are so pure. They r our responsibility. I’m shocked.

  14. Don’t pretend that you guys know any thing about Islam, just don’t pretend. Why don’t you listen and ask your all these questions to Dr. Zakir Nike an Indian scholar. If he cant answer to you questions then we can say you relay know some thing.
    And Muslim’s are not allowed to speak false language, Bilal Bin Saeed. Thank you.

    1. Oh but we do. We have access to the same koran, and books of the hadiths and sunna, as well as all the commentary by your ‘teachers’. To know them all, is to demand the marginalization of Islam. We know more than you think we know. As for lying, we all know that a Muslim is allowed to lie for the benefit of advancing Islam, especially towards the non-Muslim. It’s a race between Shiia and Sunni.

    2. What do you know about Islam? Read it first before you dare to challenge others..

      If you read Quran, you will know that only one religion in this world preahced Jihad more than 500 times in Quran. Quran says that you can kill Kafirs(non-muslims) and Munafek(who left Islam).

      Mohammed married more than 16 times including Aysha who was ONLY 6 years old. Allah sent a SURA to make Zoynab to be eligible for marriage to Mohammed.. Do you know that Mohammed married to his adopted son’s wife???? I can telle you thousands of thing about Quran and Hadith because I readd it.. SO don’t try to lie here…

    3. I pity you fool. Zakir Naik is a dumbass who said that “Islam is the only correct religion (the equivalent of a maths teacher demonstrating that 2+2=4) while other religions are mistaken (the equivalent of saying that 2+2=3 or 2+2=6). He adds that other religions should not be allowed to propagate, and he supports banning the construction of non-Muslim houses of worship in Muslim lands.” (wikipedia). Besides being intolerant, he commit a serious logical fallacy, when trying to link arithmetic with religion. The only people who would agree with his logic, are the mindless and the brain-washed.

  15. Islamic rules are expired now…but people still using it…i hate islam to be honest…all the other religion are being changed with the days passes by…but this islam didn’t…muslims are still at 1400 years ago…alas…

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