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This crap has got to end, and the only way to do it is for parents to become more engaged in their children’s’ education. Looking over with a fine tooth come the school’s curriculum for any hint of political agenda, as well as monitoring what kind of messages/indoctrination the teachers are handing out to the children. This needs to be taken seriously. KGS

Radical Teachers Push Marxist Agenda and Shift Culture Leftward, Part II

Far left teachers have young minds captured for 6 ½ hours a day and work subtly to fill them with Marxist and radical ideas.  That’s what a New York City teacher explained [see the video here] at the recent socialist Left Forum, transcribedcourtesy of the Washington Times:

“How do you act as a teacher…in a classroom? Kind of promote ideas of Marxism or kind of begin to (in-audible)? Ya’ know, I think part of it is, particularly at the high school level or at an elementary school level, you have to be careful, because your job…they want you to stick to fairly narrow things and that can be fairly frustrating about it. You can do it wherever you possibly can.”

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  1. These people are pushing a failed ideology, sack them. Anyway kids are becoming too savvy these days for that old Bullshit!

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