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Nothing in Sweden surprises the Tundra Tabloids anymore, not even a union, the SAC, inviting a known terrorist to speak on Mayday this past Sunday. Sick I tell you.  This piece of human waste, Leila Khaled, along with another PFLP member, tried to blow up a plane in mid-air with hand grenades.

WIKI: Posing as a married couple, they boarded the plane using Honduran passports — having passed through a security check of their luggage — seated in the second row of tourist-class. Just before they began their hijacking, Khaled told Argüello her actual identity, which impressed him.[2] Thirty minutes into the flight,[4] they drew their guns and approached the cockpit, demanding entrance.[1]

The well-dressed[1] Argüello reportedly threw his sole grenade down the airliner aisle, but it failed to explode,[1] and he was hit over the head with a bottle of whiskey by a passenger after he drew his pistol. As the pilot threw the plane into a nosedive, throwing the hijackers offbalance,[5], Arguello fired his gun 3-5 times, wounding steward Shlomo Vider.[6]

Khaled had no better luck, unable to reach her own grenades concealed within her brassiere,[5] she was beaten by the security and passengers, while the plane made an emergency landing at Heathrow Airport.

This is moron the Swedish Left invited to speak to all the Leftards in Stockholm, and as the Tundra Tabloids understands it, the whole thing was indirectly funded by the Swedish taxpayer, since the government funds the political parties as well as the unions, but the TT has still has do some fact checking on that one. KGS

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Embarrassing May 1 celebration in Sweden, words that, highly dubious and shameful, fits within the description.

The Swedish trade union SAC syndicalist has invited the former hijacker Leila Khaled to Stockholm to give a May 1 speech. Khaled was known to the world in 1969 when, as a member of the militant leftist group PFLP, participated in the hijacking of an airliner between Rome and Athens.

On the trade union’s website describes the Palestinian woman as a “freedom fighter” and a world-famous activist. – Khaled has extensive experience from various forms of struggle (2 stk.flykapringer) – for a free Palestine, gender and class struggle, said the organizer.

The management of the PFLP are haved to believed that Israel’s former U.S., Ambassador Yitzhak Rabin, was aboard the plane, which turned out to be incorrect.


The organizers admit that the choice of May 1st-speaker can be perceived as controversial, and emphasizes that by inviting her not they do not necessarily share her views.

According to the association Swedish Israel Information, a private person reacted so strongly that the Palestinian woman is being invited to Stockholm, that the police were asked to arrest her for “crimes against humanity.”

A commentator in the Svenska Dagbladet strikes laconically stated that it is the Swedish tax payers who pay the bill for Leila Khaled’s stay in Stockholm.

NOTE: There is more here at Gudmundson’s blog.

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