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The Tundra Tabloids has met with Iranians over the years and everyone of them have voiced their disgust of the ayatollah run regime. From Israel hating communists to pro-Israel Jeffersonian democrats and everything in between, the one thing that they shared was the loathing of Islam. It’s too bad that fake asylum seekers have used and abused the system that when real asylum seekers show up, their calls for help go unheard. One can only guess as to the veracity of the claims being made by these men, but sewing up their mouths? KGS

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‘I would rather die here than go back to Iran and be killed’: Iranian asylum seekers sew their mouths together and go on hunger strike in deportation protest

Last updated at 10:46 PM on 24th April 2011

One of the Iranian asylum seekers who has sewn his mouth shut in a protest outside the immigration centre in Croydon Desperate: One of the Iranian asylum seekers who has sewn his mouth shut in a protest outside the immigration centre in Croydon

In a desperate attempt to have their asylum claims accepted by the UK government, four Iranians have sewn their mouths shut with fishing wire and gone on hunger strike with two others.

The men have not eaten for 20 days and have set up a makeshift camp outside the Lunar House immigration centre in Croydon, south London.

The British government is planning on sending them back to Tehran, but the men claim that their lives would be in danger if that happened, as they all took part in protests against the Iranian regime in 2009 and were beaten, tortured and even raped as a result.

Mahyar Meyari, who is 17, explained how he was arrested and given brutal treatment after taking part in a demonstration.

‘I was blindfolded and taken to an unknown place where I was kept for a week,’ he told The Guardian.’ I was hit on the head by batons many times … and even raped. I prefer to die here than going back to Iran.’

Another protester, Keyvan Bahari, 32, says he feels their actions are a last resort to make the UK authorities take notice of their plight.

He told the paper: ‘We have sewn our mouths because there is no other way. Nobody in the UK hears us or cares what we say so we have no other option but to do this.’

Mahyar added: ‘When I claimed asylum with the Home Office, they first didn’t believe that I’m 17 years old, they said I was lying. There’s a culture of disbelief in the Home Office, everybody thinks you are lying by default.’

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  1. Notice he adds on the bit “I was even raped” as an afterthought. Please! What a lie. Muslims DO lie to Westerners/The Infidel in order to accomplish their aims.It is called T A Q I Y Y A.

  2. You’re right about the abuse of the system KGS. There are many asylum seekers here just for economic reasons. A while back we had an Iranian asylum seeker who flew back to Iran a couple of times to deal drugs. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that the situation in Iran is serious, but asylum seekers shouldn’t abuse our system.

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