H/T Weasel Zippers, the radical Left will not roll over, which means the conservative movement in the US has to be even more active then these commie bastards in confronting them everywhere they turn up. KGS

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  1. I don’t know why this is even a matter of concern. This is not a serious effort, or a threat, and I think you overblow it. To equate this liberals is wrong, in my opinion. Not to mention that Conservatives have their own problems with the public that are better attended to. Both sides care more about red meat than in solving people’s problems.

    1. Eric, the radicalized Left have been left to subvert society without much opposition from the mainstream. Who would have thought that socialists, let alone communists would feel so comfortable nowadays as to appear on the streets of the US voicing their views?

      When you look at the people marching in protest against the Republican governors, or for in favor of Democrat healthcare and a whole range of other social and economic issues, these people are front and center. The unions have been take over by them, and they have friendly voices in government now. No, I am not blowing this thing out of proportion.

      I predict violence breaking out because of these morons, this summer or next year during the election cycle, especially if a storn conservative candidate is found.

      The great Republic founded by the framers of the constitution is hanging in tatters, and without a resurgence in constitutionalism, meaning back to basics conservatism, the Republic is lost, with these loons left licking their chops.

      1. I hope my reply came through. It seems it may have been lost.

        1. it’s there Rick, once you have your first comment approved the rest are done so automatically.

          1. Actually, it vanished. Don’t know why. No biggie.

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