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Aren’t they always?

These people are so full of crap it’s pathetic. Imam Hassan Qazwini is a well known Hezbollah sympathizer, and friend of anti-Semite, the leader of the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakha, and someone Debbie Schlussel has repeatedly proved to be a fundamentalist.

This fake “moderate” has been given hugs and handshakes by many a politician across the political aisle, and who now stands at the center of the Terry Jones demonstration circus. This serial liar and friend to anti-Semites now says his statement about “for some Muslims burning the Quran was worse than 1,000 deaths.” was misunderstood.

Yeah, riiiiight. We are now led to believe that he was talking about how “other muslims” around the world would react to koran burning, not Muslims in the US, let alone his own mosque members. Remember folks, this is no moderate, he’s a Jew hating bigot, or at least one who loves to hang around Jew hating bigots, as well as being a Heznazi sympathizer. KGS

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Dearborn mosque imam says Quran burning comments misunderstood

During the trial of Pastor Terry Jones, Dearborn’s Police Chief testified in court that the head of the Islamic Center of America told him that for some Muslims burning the Quran was worse than 1,000 deaths. Wayne County prosecutors used that testimony as part of the reason why Jones should not be allowed to protest in front of the Islamic Center because they said it could lead to a breach of the peace.

But the head of that mosque, Imam Hassan Qazwini, said Saturday that his comments were about Muslims living abroad, not in metro Detroit or from his mosque.

“I was not talking about my congregation,” Qazwini said. “I know my congregation. They will not do anything.”

Instead, Qazwini said he was talking about Muslims living in foreign countries who might commit acts of violence that could endanger U.S. troops.

In his testimony, Dearborn Police Chief Haddad said:

“Imam Qazwini … expressed to me concern with the 19- to 30-year-old people. He indicated to me that the burning of the Quran for some Muslims, it’s worse than a thousand deaths. He feared that other people may use this … to exploit their harsh feelings.”

Wayne County prosecutors used Haddad’s comments as part of the reason why Jones should not be allowed to protest outside the mosque.

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  1. When quoting a Muslim who has some authority, for example an iman or a spokesman, they are ALWAYS “misunderstood” when the non-Muslim makes the observation that what was said is in fact at great variance with Western law or values.

    Similarly when a non-Muslim accurately quotes the Quran then the Muslims complain that the quote “has been taken out of context.” Just out of curiosity, when is “smite the non-Muslim at his neck” ever properly seen “in context?”

    This game of double-speak by Muslims is way too old and gone on for far too long. Fortunately more Westerns are getting fed up with it all.

  2. I think that Jones at his hearing made a compelling remark about how a book, something printed on paper, is not the equivalent of even one life.

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