China DAWA


Here’s a heads up warning from China Droll, a TT colleague in Hong Kong, China, who forwards the following information about a fundamuslim propagandist ready to spread that badly unneeded dawa. Here’s one huckster the people in HK should run out of town.

Blow Up Those Jews … In Your Mind!

And so, it begins. Having been allowed to live in peace and relative quiet for so long, Hong Kong is finally to receive its very first muslim apologist, come here to explain islam the real islam you see, not the one you read about in the newspaper every day of the week but the fuzzy, feel-good one where jihad suddenly means ‘struggling with your ego.’

Yep, Fadel Soliman has descended on Hong Kong where he is to show a documentary which will explain all about how islam really, really! is the religion of peace, and that all we hear about cutting off hands and noses, not letting girls go to school, hanging gay guys from cranes, killing daughters for looking at a boy, creating no-go zones in an increasing amount of European cities, demanding exemption from a country’s laws and demanding that citizens of countries muslims move to get rid of crosses, Christmas trees, pigs and what not because it offends them, is just our evil, lying eyes and ears totally deceiving us.

Read it all here.


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