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This review by an Aftenposten journalist’s biography of Islam’s founder, Mohamed, underlines the points the Tundra Tabloids has raised over years about the desert madman. Sooner or later people, the truth shines out from all the propaganda and outright lies being told about Islam being a religion of peace. This review is a breath of fresh air. KGS

Fjordman tells the Tundra Tabloids: This biography of Muhammad by a Norwegian journalist, based on the earliest sources (Ibn Ishaq etc.), has sold quite well, and recently even received a very good review in a leading Leftist, pro-Multicultural newspaper Dagbladet.

NOTE: This is a Google translation, so there are noticeable grammatical errors, but you are able to follow the gist of the review with no problem

Shocking meeting with Muhammad

Dagbladet: REVIEW: Historian and Aftenposten journalist Halvor Tjønn have gone to the sources. He has brought out the oldest written traditions from Muslim historians of religion founder Muhammad’s life and work, as was recorded in the first few generations after Muhammad’s death.

That is, for those who did not know better, shocking reading about a brutal and vengeful despot.

The darkest chapter ring massacre of the Jews in Medina in the spring of 627 Under the supervision of Muhammad were 800 men beheaded. Women and children were sold as slaves. After the slaughter chose Muhammad out the beautiful Jewess Rayhana as its share of the spoils, and incorporated her into the harem as a concubine. An outrageous act in our eyes is also married with 9-year-old Aisha, one of the prophet’s many wives and slave. Some sources reckon up 12 wives and two slave girls.

Not to be taken lightly

For an infidel sceptic it’s easy to make fun of Mohammed’s epiphanies with the Angel gabriel as messenger where the highlight is the fantastic story about the prophet’s nocturnal journey on a winged mule to Jerusalem where he met Abraham, Moses and Jesus  – where upon Muhammed ascended to the gates of heaven. In the 7th heaven M was led into paradise where he met a young woman with crimson lips and eventually Allah himself, who demanded that  muslims should pray five times a day.

But this stuff is not a joking matter. it is also too convenient to day that M. was a man of his times, who was neither better nor worse than other historical figures.

The problem is of course that many of the 1,3 billion muslims of today look at Mohamed as the world’s most perfect human being, and act according to that.

Big Politics

So it’s no coincidence that Hamas has rockets that carry the name of Khaybar, an oasis in the Arabian desert where Muhammad in 629 years forced the Jewish settlement into submission.

And there is also no coincidence that the marriage age for Shi’a and Sunni Muslims in Iran is 9 years for women, or that the scribe Yusuf al-Qaradawi, who provides advice to Muslims in Europe, accepting marriage to 9-year-old girls as long as it is voluntary and the girl is a virgin.

You need not be the Middle East expert to know that Muhammad’s nocturnal excursion to Jerusalem has received a lot of political implications, as city ​​in the Islamic tradition is considered the third holiest after Mecca and Medina.

“On God’s orders”

As an echo of this brou-ha ha the book “Mohammed as his contemporaries saw him” has created a stir. First it was Kagge that didn’t want to publish Tjønn’s manuscript. The reviewer Aage Borchgrevink took out his slaughter knives in Aftenposten, Halvor Tjønn’s own paper, saying: The author “commits cut and paste journalism.” If we hadn’t known, apparently, that Muhammed “acted on God’s orders, one would soon see him as a manipulative, vindictive, pedophile thief, with a penchant for massacres and the killing of satirists. “

How can Borchgrevink know that Muhammed acted according to God’s orders? Does the reviewer Borchgrevink also receive messages from the Angel Gabriel?

In Dagsavisen writes Stian Bromark Tjønn does not take the position: “We are not under the skin of Muhammad, we do not know what is true and what is fiction.”

In a melodramatic comment in VG a few days later, Olav Versto writes that “It would have been natural in a book review like this in today’s newspaper language to summarize the most important of the protagonist’s deeds and to give an assessment of them. But I dare not. People have been killed for far less. ”


In the preface Tjønn is careful to point out that the works of Ibn Ishaq, al-Waqidi and al-Tabari, whom he essentially reproduces, is not history in the scientific sense, but rather a continuation of an original religious oral testimony.

But these accounts are, as Islam expert Fred M. Donner points out, coinciding with regard to the story of Muhammad’s life.

According to the Tjønn draw a good picture of Muhammad as the earliest Muslim historiformidlere saw him, and that this image has since been alone in central Muslim consciousness.

Good press conduct

I believe that Halvor Tjønn has taken a firm grip on the fabric. He follows in the ground good press conduct by rendering their sources as correct as possible, and he deliberately avoided to mix your own comments. The need for the book is beyond the.

When I interviewed some years ago the writer Kader Abdominal (“House of the Mosque”) in respect of his biography of Muhammad and nyoversettelse of the Koran were in Norwegian, he was convinced that 99 percent of the world’s Muslims have not read the Koran. How many have since read the ancient scriptures as Tjønn referring to?

I also remember the secular Kader Abdolah characteristic of the Qur’an: Wonderful as literature, as the deadly book of the law.


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