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One of the points focused on in this video, is malaria, and the banning of DDT that was instrumental in defeating malaria, thereby saving hundreds of millions of lives around the world. Since its banning, at the behest of Greenpeace and other environmentalist groups, hundreds of millions of people have died, terrible deaths, due to the highly flawed pseudo science of the greens movement.

The next time an environmentalist wanders up to you in a street to get a donation from you, tell them about their campaign against DDT and the hundreds of millions of people they’ve consigned to the dustheap. KGS

Ann McElhinney: The Dangerous Green Agenda & How You Can Fight Back

H/T: Frank Kitman

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  1. In terms of public health, environmentalists have done some genuinely good things for our country and the world. It was only when the extreme left commandeered major environmentalist organizations that it all went south.

    Leftists have a bad habit of “one size fits all” solutions. The DDT ban is a good example. “Carbon emissions” is another.

    Also, do not be fooled by the environmentalists sales pitch. The Sierra Club sends me solicitation for donations promising to save mountain lions, polar bears and wolves. The pictures of mountain lions make them look like cute little kitty cats. The pictures of wolves make them out to look like puppy dogs. The pictures of polar bears make them out to be teddy bears. In the mean time, the Sierra Club recently took legal action to shut down an otherwise clean coal-fired power plant which would have economically crippled the region it served.

    There are genuine environmental concerns to be addressed. Unfortunately, because the extreme left has commandeered environmental action organizations that used to be “mainstream”, many of these important concerns are going unaddressed while they push for their agenda of “social engineering” which will economically cripple industrialized nations.

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