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Once again, trying to get North Korea to ease tensions between the two states is meaningless. Clinton tried reasoning with the NORKS through Madeline Al-“not so”-bright and it ended in abject failure. To understand N.Korea, is to understand the art of the “shakedown”, for that’s what they’ve been doing with the dopes in the West for some time now, and with great success.

So “Team Grandpa”, consisting of former presidents of Finland and the US, Martti Ahtisaari and Jimmy Carter, are going to head to Pyongyang to discuss the North’s relations with the South, while the North will use the West’s and the South’s worries to their best advantage to exact sweet deal packages in return for vague promises.

This is what they’ve been doing time and again. The only diplomat the Tundra Tabloids has ever heard speaking the truth about the North Koreans, is former US ambassador to the UN, John Bolton, who was removed from the negotiating team in 2003 due to the North’s objections of Bolton calling a spade a spade.

Mark the TT’s words, the only party set to gain from these talks will be the North Koreans, not the South. KGS

Ahtisaari Negotating in North Korea Next Week

YLE: Former Finnish President Martti Ahtisaari will travel to North Korea next week to negotiate ways to ease tensions between the two Koreas as part of a group led by former US President Jimmy Carter.

Nobel Peace Prize laureate Ahtisaari is part of the Elders group, other members of which include former Irish President Mary Robinson and former Norwegian Prime Minister Gro Harlem Brundtland.

The group will set off on Sunday, firstly visiting China’s capital Beijing. After the talks in China, the group is to travel to North Korea’s capital city Pyongyang on Tuesday. From there, the group will travel to South Korea’s capital Seoul on Thursday.

The goal of this mission is to discuss measures to ease tensions between the two Koreas. Nuclear disarmament and North Korea’s humanitarian situation are also on the agenda of the negotiations.

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  1. I am interested to know what you believe should be done, if this is unsatisfactory?

    1. Hi Eric, I believe that in foreign policy many issues are inter-related. The pressure on the NORKS has to be made upon the Chinese who at the end of the day, hold larger sway over Pyongyang than the US. In order to pressure the chinese, the US has to reign in its debt., because the Chinese holds much of it.

      The US needs to however regain its sovereignty and regain its standing in the world. Getting the US’s trading partners to not trade with the North, while placing them back onto the list of rogue states with a persona non grata status, as well as beefing up their naval presence, will do more to tame their bellicose actions then ……talking to them. Sanctions are piss poor measures, but if they add to their pariah status, then so be it.

      No more international escapades like the one planned by Ahtisaari and Carter, they’re buffoons, and only serve to help the regime, no moderate it. They thrive off this crap.

      1. Except that North Korea has a bomb and its people face a humanitarian crisis, so it may not help cutting them off at the knees, even if that is what we might desire. I think a regional approach is best, and using local NGOs to help the people adopt better practices in growing food. It costs nothing to talk, but I agree that no concessions should be made that send the wrong signals about our concerns.

        1. The problem here Eric, is your failure to realize that the “Dear Leader” couldn’t care less about the growing of food in his country. He’s a Marxist. Any shortages in food are blamed on the West. Yes it costs to talk. in both time and effort as well as giving the NORKS the publicity that they crave. A complete political embargo of the north, while allowing some aid in, is the only recourse we should take, as well as applying pressure on the Chinese.

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