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The people of Dearborn are setting themselves up for a major steamrolling of Islamization, and they’re well on their way already, with the Dearborn police and judicial system bending over backwards to Islam on prior occasions. This is serious folks, many well meaning folks are conflating religious organizations with Islam, which amounts to the mixing of apples and oranges, and defending the violation of the First Amendment.

Regardless of whether you believe Terry Jones is a crackpot or not, he has every right to voice his opinions, free from government control, as long as he does not foment, or advocate violence towards others. Free speech in America has taken a major hit. KGS

H/T Frank Kitman

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  1. By the time this case is done, free speech in America may well be reinforced. I doubt that the ruling will stand. It’s Europe where freedom of speech is in jeopardy.

  2. So, muslims can protest and burn flags and call for Jews to be murdered, because its their freedom of speech–but for anybody who speaks against muslims it’s hatred?

    1. That’s about the size of it. The Americans better take back their rights before they go the way of Europe.

  3. You realize that prominent Muslim leaders have come out in defense of Jones and his right to protest as planned, right? That these are the actions of an overzealous government and have nothing to do with Islam or supposed “Islamization”, whatever the hell that means…

    “Muslim leader Dawud Walid of the Council on American-Islamic Relations criticized the filing, saying it aids Jones’ cause.

    He told the Free Press that “their action innocently played into Jones’ objectives, which is to paint Dearborn as a pro-sharia city that’s oppressing Christians, which is, of course, not true.”

    Walid also said the court filing inaccurately tries to “equate the actions of zealots in Afghanistan with Muslim Americans in Dearborn.” He described the Dearborn community as a peaceful one that would not harm Jones.”

    1. They are in defense of Jones only because it makes themselves look bad, not that they believe he has the right by US law to hold dissenting views. If the the same thing happened elsewhere in the ME, with these same Dearborn Muslims presiding, their tune would be altogether different. They would more than likely be busy sharpening their blades and/or throwing a rope around a branch of tree and preparing to storm the place wherever Jones was staying.

      This is pure tactics. As for Islamization, it’s all around you or anyone else that has a Muslim community in the near vicinity. Islam is not content in keeping its set of beliefs private, it forces its norms upon the non-Muslim community, and when you get knee-jerk reactions from badly misinformed non-Muslims trying to bend over backwards to the self described “Islamic community”, that when the demands start pouring in.

      I could go on and on about Europe, and now I see it happening in the USA as well. Islamization focuses on how to bring the non-Islamic portion of society into behaving in accordance with the Islamic view. CAIR is a Muslim Brotherhood front group, and if they are feigning support for Jones, it’s not from the position of defending the US Constitution, its from keeping themselves out of the spotlight.

  4. The judicial freaks in Dearborn have totally given way to the erasure of the first ammendment, using EVERY excuse and scare tactic to obtain this Un- American outcome, to placate those who made threats. The judge, the chicken chief of police and the fascist prosecutor should be deported to Iraq to learn muslim life and sharia life first hand! These people are an ABSOLUTE DISGRACE to the UNITED STATES of AMERICA and have NO business living in this country !!!

  5. The judge who took Jone’s right of free speech away is a criminal of the worst kind. That judge should be jailed for his crime against Jone’s free speech rights. The judge has established Islam as the religion of state. Shame shame on that disgraceful unAmerican judge.

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